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engagement session : julianne and phil

November 10, 2017

please make sure you’re sitting down because these will knock ya down. these two were so in love that i couldn’t stop smiling and snapping! also they are so photogenic that i literally didn’t have to delete almost any photos. never hurts. ūüėČ

enjoy phil and jules! congratulations you two — cheers to you!


portraits : gina in carmel, ca // part ii

September 12, 2017

the movement of the skirt on this dress literally just ruined me. i mean COME ON. can you even deal with the flowyness?!?!?!?!

part iii and iv coming at you the next two days! felt like i should just get these all out there as quickly as possible because this kind of beauty doesn’t deserve to be stuck on my computer where only i can swoon over it.


la la land move review

January 11, 2017

so i found my new favorite thing: $5 movies on wednesday nights. it’s just such a nice hump day treat to yourself. also, fun fact about me: i love movies. and i love cheap thrills. #winning

tonight’s cinematic experience: la la land

i have heard really mixed reviews about the movie so naturally it made me even more curious. some people from work were not impressed yet it’s winning awards and being recognized¬†as a success by many in the media.

now, after seeing it, i understand why people might not like it. society now kind of wants cookie-cutter movie. we don’t really want artsy – we want a hero/heroine, a drug bust, a relationship based on passion. which, i won’t lie, i like too. i like boy meets girl. i like rom coms. i like true stories coming to life. the instant a movie starts to get out of that and into cinematic art, people have mixed reviews.

but i liked it – it was refreshingly unique. it was whimsical. it was modern but old-fashioned and had a simplicity that didn’t feel so flashy hollywood.

first of all, i LOVE musicals. genuinely. i smile the whole time. so that was a huge win for me. they also didn’t sing everythingggggg. it was very¬†candid and soft. not soft like the volume was low; the musical numbers weren’t screaming for your attention. it didn’t feel fake and scripted. the dancing was good but it wasn’t freaking high school musical where people are coming from every angle. this was tasteful. and sweet. it really felt like you were watching an old movie which i found endearing and different.

i studied abroad with a girl who was studying cinema and she told me something that i still think about when i see a movie. she said that there are rarely originals anymore. most movies are now sequels, based on a true story, based on a book or are just a slightly different take on the same plot line. and it’s so true! so what i loved about la la land is that it had this quirky feel to it. it was almost like i was just watching them do life – there were awkward moments and it felt like it was happening real time.

i don’t think it’s the kind of movie i’d go see again or necessarily buy for my home, but i enjoyed it.¬†the colors, the freshness, the music, the ending (which everyone else hated but i liked #ofcourse) and of course, the male lead is never a bad choice.:)