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portraits : catherine

November 6, 2017

i have had so many beautiful photo shoots lately but naturally forgot to share them with you. my b!

catherine and i had so much fun frolicking through forest park taking pictures with her sister there to make her laugh. she’s a gorgeous lady inside and out — enjoy her session!



portraits : gina in carmel, ca // part iv

September 14, 2017

and the final batch. these ones were taken on a random side hill that we stumbled upon via a kind cop who had almost given us a ticket when we tried to get photos on these sand dunes. he was like “hey, i have another spot in mind!” and brought us to this hill. god bless him and his artistic side. 😉

i hope you enjoyed these photos as much as i do. they have such a special place in my heart because this day was one of those that when i felt so completely and utterly myself. it was so fulfilling in every way.


i hope you get a day as carefree and beautiful as this every once in awhile. it’s good for me to just create beautiful things for the sake of creating beautiful things.


portraits : gina in carmel, ca // part iii

September 13, 2017

these beach shots made me emotional. the colors and the happiness i can feel through them when i think of us running around like crazy kids in these long dresses, tripping over ourselves and snapping shots as fast as we could, makes me smile every time. the whimsy of it all and the carefree nature of the shoot is exactly the perfect set-up. no pressure; just creating and dreaming.


portraits : gina in carmel, ca // part i

September 11, 2017

i still think about the day gina and i met up in carmel, ca to create something beautiful together. that day filled my cup so much that when i think back to running up sand dunes, getting covered in tulle on the beach and becoming good good good friends in one afternoon in chats in-between shots, i feel instantly full again.

gina is a beauty, inside and out. there are so many beautiful photos and do them each justice, i have separated them by dress and location. i cannot WAIT until gina and i meet up again to create Beauty. i am convinced our world needs more of that right now; people joining together to create something magical together.

thank you to gina lady for being my model, coaching me through my new camera and doing anything i ask of her, including (but not limited to) lying to a cop that she was actually taking my wedding photos. you’re the real MVP, g-unit!

enjoy part i of this shoot. 🙂


gina, you are gold to me! and california, you have my heart.


newborn session: teresa guadalupe

April 4, 2017

last week i was invited to capture photos of sweet teresa guadalupe just a mere 24 hours after she was born. it was way more emotional for me than i was anticipating. i felt so honored and privileged to be among her family, basically as a stranger to most of them, to try to bottle up these first hours of her life in photos. it was a learning curve for me as i navigated a hospital room and it’s artificial light and i loved the challenge. also i love babies more than almost anything so it was a win-win. 🙂

the second i left, i sat in my car and just was so overwhelmed with the miracle of life. to be there in that intimate setting was so special to me and i hope i am able to do it again for another family.

here are my favorites from the shoot. i am so unbelievably happy for the new family of five as they start this new chapter with three babes. welcome to the world, teresa! you are so loved already.


(first) maternity photo session: hofman family

December 27, 2016

i am so very lucky to have wonderful people who will let me learn as i take their photos. abby and jimmy are friends of my sister and i’s so doing this specific type of shoot for the first time made me feel more at ease.

abby and jimmy wanted to capture this special time for them as they prepare for their first child and i always am looking for practice so this was a win-win!

we met in forest park in st. louis and laughed through learning how/where jimmy should pose without looking awkward or…awkward. 🙂 it was definitely not his fault because as you’ll see, they’re brilliantly photogenic. it was more so the fact that in her black dress, abby’s baby bump didn’t show in the photos without her hands around it. but then what does jimmy do with his hands?! we couldn’t stop laughing at our failed attempts but i think the successes turned out beautiful.

i am so happy for them and the beginning of this special new life. there is nothing sweeter that seeing a couple grow their love for each other.


congrats abby and jimmy! i am praying for baby hofman and can’t wait to meet him/her!


(first) family photo session: penna family

November 21, 2016

my sister, her husband and their seven month old xavier live about five minutes from me here in st. louis and it’s been one of the best parts of moving back to missouri. i take my role as aunt ania quite seriously and i love that i can pop over to visit all the time. also xavier is LITERALLY the cutest tiny human in the world. #notbiased

i have wanted to start dabbling more and more in photography so last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and did a family photo shoot of the three of them. capturing them together after everything that happened with xavier’s health this summer was so special to me because i am so joyful that he is healthy. god. is. good.

enjoy the penna family – i love them oh so much! 🙂


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dsc_0346 dsc_0363 dsc_0366 dsc_0368 dsc_0395

these photos give me so much joy and hope for family life which i truly believe is the cornerstone of every good society. happy fall to all!


vibed while writing to my new fav show, the crown. anyone else weirdly into it?!!


(first) engagement session: emily + corey

November 16, 2016

you know that phrase that goes “do something everyday that scares you”? well i have been doing that lately and it’s been honestly changing the game. i just DO it. i stop wondering what people will think or if they’ll say no and i just freaking ask. AND PEOPLE ARE NICE AND (mostly) SAY YES.

basically all that was to preface this engagement shoot i did with a friend from college and his fiancé (and now a friend as well!). i saw that they got engaged by seeing their post on facebook and mused for like a solid three weeks about asking them if i could do an engagement shoot for them.

there were also two problems: 1. i was in california and they were in st. louis and 2. i had no plans to go to st. louis anytime soon.

but for as messy and stressful as this summer was, there His fingerprints were. in a matter of weeks i was on a plane to st. louis to visit with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew (and secretly interview for the job i now have #catsouttathebag #canyoureadthat). so i just wrote out a text in a flurry to corey before i had the chance to second guess myself and asked them if they’d mind if i did an engagement shoot with them to see how i liked it and they said yes.

the end.

plain and simple.

ask and ye shall receive.

i thought i was going to throw up as i waited for them at the first shoot location on slu’s campus. but the way i felt throughout? it was so fulfilling. in a way, i could feel Him near because of how i really felt like i was using my talents. does that make sense? in those hours traipsing around and capturing their amazing love, i felt so overwhelmingly myself and in that, so close to Him.

it was beautiful and it made me fall in love with photography in a new way. being the one to give people photos that they will (hopefully hehe) treasure is an enormous blessing. hoping to do more shoots in the future!

if you or your friends are engaged (or soon to be!), i would love to be involved in that chapter of their lives as their photographer! they can email me at – my rates are quite low at this point in my career. 😉

enjoy emily + corey! their love for each other and Him is pure and golden and i can’t wait to see the glory they bring as a married couple next summer!




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dsc_0434 dsc_0445 dsc_0454 dsc_0486


vibed to the newest episode of this is us. i don’t even know if i like that show but i keep watching it….?


instafollow : smile, snap, flash

September 5, 2016

any idea what the insta follows are this week…?????





okay so i understand that many of you are not as fascinated and interested in photography as i am. however, i would be remiss (props to my vocab right there) if i didn’t include insta follows for photography because they make my feed prettier, inspire me to be bold + creative, and renew my awe of the beautiful world He created for us.

this was V E R Y hard for me. i have sososososo many i love. but if i HAD to narrow it down to 10, this would be it (ps this includes wedding photographers!):

1 | india earl: she is amazing. honestly unreal. like i have subscribed to her photography blog to be updated continuously. her use of contrast and the moodiness of the photos is actually quite hard to achieve because you have to have a way of making people feel comfortable enough to be intimately close while you’re behind the camera. also she’s just a rad human. and young. and bold. #bosslady


2 & 3 | lauren wells & cambria grace: i feel like i could be friends with lauren and cambria on the realz. they have a similar eye for small details as i do, have similar style and love good food + travel. they just seem so normal and i love them for it! also they’re friends in real life and do branding together for companies which HELLO DREAM JOB.



4 | heather goodman: she lives in hawaii. end of claim to follow her.


5 | jaci carlson smith: this is actually her personal account, not her photography account, but it’s just beautiful so what the hoot. she has a really beautiful aesthetic and is constantly pumping out really creative material. alsooooo she just went to Bali. brb crying.


6 | tessa barton: she slays. her personal account LITERALLY IS LIT but this is photog account. she is tremendously talented. she does a lot of collabs with free people and urban outfitters while i look on with heart eyes.


7 | jenna kutcher: if you need someone who is just a real, genuine human – follow jenna. she loves to empower women, is SO kind and does AMAZING wedding photography. she started from the bottom and worked her way to one of the best.


8 | lauren scotti: she has this really beautiful editing technique that’s full of warm colors, browns, whites and greens. her feed is gorgeous and she seems so nice!!!


9 | elise trattner: this is actually one of my sister’s friends from college and i just really love her work (and her, of couuuurssseeeee). she has such clear photos and lives in the PNW which makes me miss + love that area of the country so much. she deserves recognition because she’s super gucci.


10 | lucy rose laucht: i am annoyed that lucy is at the bottom of this list on accident because i am so obsessed with her. (yes, i realize i could just copy and paste but #lazy 😉 her account makes me want to be a better photographer. she has epic style and travels all over and just seems like this fun, kind, adventurous soul GAHHHH I WANT TO BE HER PROTEGÉ.



hope you find some beauty and inspiration in these accounts!:)

vibed to there’s a girl by trent harmon while writing.