hello beautiful.

so happy to see you here!

first things first: ania is pronounced “on – yuh.” it stresses me out when i don’t know how to properly pronounce someone’s name!!

i love the lord and i hope you know He loves you. my favorite colors are white and yellow. i would describe my style as fresh, detailed + flow-y. my go to outfit is a simple dress with my birkenstocks. if i could only shop at five stores for the rest of my life, i would choose free people, nordstrom, anthropologie, steve madden and trader joe’s. i could eat ice cream, sweet potato fries and gummy candy til the cows come home. my favorite app is vsco and i am a sucker for a good quote. i crave and love the feeling i get when i visit a new place. my favorite time of the day is that dreamy golden hour in the evening and i love to read.

i recently graduated from saint louis university with degrees in communications (pr + advertising) and french. if you see french here and there, it stems from my deep love for that country of pda, chic fashion and wine that’s cheaper than water. i spent 10 months living in lyon, france during my junior year at university.

i created ania elizabeth because i need a creative outlet. here you can expect to find my travel, style + beauty tips, and my passion for good food as well as reflections on growing up and faith shared among many other posts – i have so many ideas! i began doing professional photography in spring 2016 so i will also be sharing shoots that i do here as well.

i have big dreams for this little spot but if i have learned anything, i have learned that creative outlets can’t be for any purpose other than to bring yourself joy otherwise you’ll get burned out so quick. so i am doing this because creators gonna create. anything that happens as a result is just a bonus.

p.s. if you would like to do a collaboration or have a photography request, you can reach me at the sub header for the about page where you can click on ‘contact’! 🙂