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jacket (on sale!) / lucky brand booties /

madewell earrings and navy dress – sold out

building off of last post with this jacket – it is quickly becoming something in my closet that i pair with everything and anything. and i so wish this dress was still in stock but it’s been such a staple (and was a splurge!) as well.

is there something you’ve eyed for oh, i don’t know, E T E R N I T Y and then finally buy it? and you’re like, wow, i am so glad i waited for this?

that is this green coat. and this is how i feel about it.

i had seen it on so many girls plus my sister has one and now my mom has one too. i mean them and every other woman in america that has heard of this Madewell jacket. every time i wanted to make a move, it would either sell out or i just couldn’t justify the $118. but instead of replacing it, i just waited. i knew one day i would buy it and it’d be worth it. so i was patient and then when my budget allowed, finally got it!

and. i. love. this. jacket. i had no fall coats, aka not a rain jacket but not a winter down jacket, so this was desperately needed. right before i went to hawaii, Madewell had a sale with 30% if you spent $200. so i YOLOed. and ended up returning everything else HA – but so it goes!

i have worn it with a trillion outfits. some of my fav partners are with a dress like here, a white button down and a neck scarf, and with a plain tee with big earrings and high waisted jeans for a dinner with friends.

it just fits well. plain and simple. i sized up and got a Medium (although honestly who knows what size i wear in Madewell because it changes constantly) so that i can fit sweaters underneath and i will probably wear it til i’m 100. i haven’t been finding many things that fit well lately at Madewell but this jacket, oh my word, it’s a keeper. was worth the wait!

these booties have seen better days and i am desperate for some new tires, but in the mean time, this jacket is hitting the spot. this whole minimalism closet thing is not getting old anytime soon.




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