ania styles: that casual weekend look

sweater: old from Madewell, similar here / urban outfitters skirt / superga tennis shoes

told myself i was going to post here twice a week starting last week. didn’t last week. 0/1.

so starting fresh again this week! i have gotten so much better at giving myself grace and space while also holding myself accountable. does that make sense? it does to me. 🙂

okay you guys this is going to get real real, real quick. so i texted my friend sonya, who has supported me blogging from probably before day 1 if that’s possible, to do a little photo shoot for blog content and outfit styling. she said yes because she’s an angel and i got so excited to share style posts again with you all.

and then i came home from work to style outfits before meeting up with her and realized i had nothing “new” to share. i literally have bought so little clothes-wise lately that i was like wait…i didn’t exactly think this through…

i truly have gone from constantly comparing my clothes, being jealous and shopping all the time to “keep up” to being so content and grateful with what i have. i buy like maybe 1-2 items a month (sometimes 0!) and have really honed in on the overall goal of curating a well-styled, well-loved closet that comes with time and intention.

i have NEVER in my LIFE been so picky about things. if it doesn’t fit well, wear well or make me feel good, it’s out. like straight up i am almost annoyed with myself with how picky i have become! i think about if it’s wearable with multiple outfits, in multiple scenarios and really, at the end of the day, if it makes ME feel good.

so for these next couple of style posts, i am honing in on the well-loved pieces of my closet that i have been just going back to time and again. these are the pieces that remind me that’s it’s good and important to be picky and invest sometimes in things you love. even if it means you wear the same things over and over until you find something new. more on that next week…

this week’s outfit is for when you want to nail that casual weekend chic. which is a part of my closet i’ve told you i’m working on. and it’s been making me so happy on the weekends to traipse around town looking cute, but feeling comfy!

starting with these shoes, they are my all-time fav classic white tennis shoes. my mom heard about them and the instant i saw them, i loved them. they are just the quintessential white shoes. nothing crazy, no weird logos or colors, and they’re comfy! i like them more than white converse which borderline feels taboo to say. anywho, they are worth every penny and even come in pink velvet! which is just so darn cute.

next up: the jean skirt. another investment buy. to spend $60 on a jean skirt on a college budget was not something i considered until i found this piece my sophomore year (yes, that’s how long it’s lasted! quality > quantity). i have this thing against jean shorts (a story for another time) so the idea of a jean skirt just really rang true with me. it goes with everything, i love shirts tucked in or left out, and then paired with a sweater? gahhh i had never paired these two before this very shoot and was REALLY into it. it’s kind of like that look on Pinterest that you’re like how do they look so casual and yet so cute…? well, this is my version: slowly finding those pieces and one fateful day match making them together. 🙂

which makes me feel like :

and then the sweater! i will say this a million times on this blog but i’ll say it again: the best time to buy sweaters is after sweater season. all my Madewell sweaters have been purchased post-winter. literally all of them. on sale. ba-boom.

you have to pretty consistently go into stores those weeks in jan/feb/march to find these deals, but when you do: it’s worth it. people are returning things they got for christmas or realized they never wore all winter and their loss will be your reward.

i loved the buttons on the side and although i typically don’t wear form fitting, crew neck sweaters (never have loved the way they look on me because i’m so tall!), i LOVED how this was like a looser, casual play on that sweater style. sign me upppp for loose clothing always and forever amen.


i hope writing these posts about the more capsule part of my wardrobe, those staples i use as my foundation for outfits, will be helpful as you build your own! the idea of an entire capsule closet kind of stresses me out (at the current moment) but i love the idea of having a really good foundation from which to work off of! and for me, white tennis shoes, a jean bottom other than pants and a casual sweater to wear over dresses/skirts are must-have’s.

happy to see you here always always always! truly this is the best part of my week most weeks, writing content for you all, and it means so much to me to have any singular person read or comment. <3




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