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i don’t have vs. i don’t make

October 30, 2017

WELL HELLO THERE. long time, no see! wow i am genuinely so happy to be typing in this little box again. i probably shouldn’t have pulled out my laptop at this hour of the evening but i just couldn’t wait until my blogging time tomorrow.

yep, you heard that right: blogging. time.

okay so here’s the deal everyone. i had this mongo revelation a couple of weeks ago. but as you know, i like to chit the chat only once i have lived with something, whether a product or an idea, for a while so that i know it’s worth sharing.

and i am still sold on this little piece of wisdom He revealed to me.

so here’s a succinct little truth bomb:

if you change your thinking from “i don’t have time” to “i don’t make time,” your world will be r o c k e d. 

let me give you two super quick examples, ok? just go with me here.

  1. “i don’t have time to work out.” (says me) (says everyone ever)

funny thing is, this isn’t true. i have time to work out. there’s 24 hours of the day. if i want to work out for 45 minutes, that’s really doable. but if i don’t make the time, the time disappears. before i know it, i “just got home” but it’s 9 pm. and all i did was eat dinner. and browse my phone. and i’m dumbstruck thinking, wait how is it 9 pm?

2. “i don’t have time to blog.”

i love writing and it comes naturally to me. so to write blog posts doesn’t truly take much time. but the prepping, scheduling, taking photos, and just the mental space it takes can be daunting. so i wasn’t blogging. but again, i wasn’t making the time. i was just complaining i didn’t have the time. and week after week passed, with plenty of laying on my bed or lazy Saturday mornings, but no blogs up. hmmm…

so i just have stopped saying i don’t have time unless i TRULY don’t have time. WHICH SOMETIMES IS VALID. like if i have a meeting starting after one ends. in that gap, i don’t have the time.

but alas, there’s a quick thing i need to point out: i have also been training myself to say “i don’t want to make the time.”

this. is. different. than. i. don’t. have. the. time.

you’re probably like okay ania, cool your jets and take a lap. but seriously y’all (no i’m not from the south, i am just worked up right now) THIS MIND SHIFT WILL CHANGE YOU AND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY. truly.

now every time the words “i don’t have time” come stumbling out of my mouth, i realize it. and i think to myself, “do i really not have the time or am i just not making the time?”

the distinction is important for how you perceive your days which turn into months which turn into years which turn into your life. if you constantly say you don’t have time to read a book, you won’t read a book. if you say you don’t have time to work out, you won’t. if you say you don’t have time to call a friend, you’ll lose them.

you have to choose to make the time.

it’s been helping me hone in what i want to make time for.

i remember having a dad in one of the classes for my work say he gets up sometimes before 4 to work out and have some alone time. with multiple kids, he knows he needs that for his own wellbeing but also knows that unless he makes the time for it, it will not happen. now that is making the time.

if you train yourself to think that you don’t have time, it’s really limiting. but if you retrain yourself to think you have the choice to make the time or not, you’ll be limitless.

well, you’re limited to 24 hours. but that’s a whole lot of time. the same 24 Mother Teresa had. the same 24 Adele has. the same 24 is given to all of us but how we spend it is different.

i am reminding myself that it’s up to me to how i spend my days and really, how i spend my life. and i am making time for what is important instead of being smothered by the idea that i am unable to control my schedule.