ania styles: my weekend wardrobe refresh

urban outfitters romper / fringe accent tote bag / striped espadrilles

coming from college into post grad, there have been so many gaps in my wardrobe. probably one of the biggest is that in-between style that in college would have been replaced by nike shorts and big t-shirts. now, my weekends are filled with seeing friends, adventuring and running errands. and i don’t really want to wear nike shorts and tees anymore. buuuut i don’t have those in-between outfits!

this romper is so close to what i am looking for! if you haven’t read this before, i have a lot of stomach issues and one tip my doctor gave me a couple years ago is to stay away from tight clothing. usually that’s not an issue because my style is very flowy but then i see high-waisted pants or try on dresses/rompers with a band around my upper stomach and get so irritated that my acid reflux flares up like clockwork. i was so so sad to return this romper because it is what cute weekend loungewear dreams are made of.

i mean the backkkkkk, come onnnnnn. i was genuinely so sad to hand it over but i have had dresses/rompers before where i just never wear them because they make my stomach so angry at me!

however, i am definitely still running around town in my new fav Soludos espadrilles. they’re neutral, comfy and at a good price point. nothing but good things to say about them still!

and last but most DEFINITELY not least is my new tote. i have been looking for a new tote bag for…a year. HA. i have almost purchased the Madewell Transport tote approximately 20580230 times but that steep price always stopped me because I really needed some work clothing and shoes.

well then my tote that i used to carry my laptop/camera in around town broke. for a few months, i just carried my laptop/big items and used a smaller bag because i just didn’t want to buy a tote.

then one day at Anthro, i was folding clothes to close the store and noticed this new bag. it was love at first sight. at $88, it’s a really quality bucket tote that checks all the boxes: super spacious, long strap, neutral leather color and a boho twist with the fringe detail. it’s funny how style works a bit like life: you’ll look and look and try to force something to work. and then one day, you stumble upon exactly what you’re looking for and be SO glad you waited! 🙂

i will be sharing weekend wear as i find options! do you have anything you love to throw on? do you rock lululemon outfits, casual dresses or jeans + a cute tee for your weekend vibes?! post grad keeps throwing me curveballs and makes me see gaps where i didn’t see them before! kind of didn’t realize how extreme my college closet was — either i was going out or going to class. needed that in-between space filled a bit.

happy, happy Monday! i am looking forward to getting my car washed this week. that sounds like the silliest thing but i have just have so much junk in my car between cleaning out my closet and buying/returning so much clothing/shoes the last couple of months. i need my clean, good smelling car back — this is the week!!!!! it’s the small things like a new air freshener that make my day.

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