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shopping for plants in St. Louis

i get so many questions about plants on my Instagram because of my love for them and my growing collection! they have been my saving grace as i spruce up my space on a tight budget. i have a post soon about the best plants for indoors and how i care for them but first i thought it’d be helpful to have a little list of the places i frequent for plant purchases here in St. Louis!

enjoy, fellow green thumb friends.

bowood farms : great for plants but also really cute home decor (think Anthro meets a greenhouse). also the adjacent Cafe Osage will just make you swooooon. they have completely nailed a perfect aesthetic.

flowers and weeds : hands down one of my favorite places in St. Louis. if you think you’ve been to the cutest plant shop, rethink that and visit flowers and weeds. when i walk in there, i wonder if my true life calling is to be a gardener.

lowe’s : trusty lowe’s where i have purchased most of my home plants and succulents because if it dies or you end up not liking it, you just bring back the plant and receipt. like whaaaat?!?!

walter knoll : this is a wholesale florist but at the location on lasalle street, there’s a greenhouse and nursery. they have really great prices and are so, so kind.


these places are near and dear to my heart so treat them kindly. 😉 happy almost weekend!




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