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ania styles: my weekend wardrobe refresh

August 14, 2017

urban outfitters romper / fringe accent tote bag / striped espadrilles

coming from college into post grad, there have been so many gaps in my wardrobe. probably one of the biggest is that in-between style that in college would have been replaced by nike shorts and big t-shirts. now, my weekends are filled with seeing friends, adventuring and running errands. and i don’t really want to wear nike shorts and tees anymore. buuuut i don’t have those in-between outfits!

this romper is so close to what i am looking for! if you haven’t read this before, i have a lot of stomach issues and one tip my doctor gave me a couple years ago is to stay away from tight clothing. usually that’s not an issue because my style is very flowy but then i see high-waisted pants or try on dresses/rompers with a band around my upper stomach and get so irritated that my acid reflux flares up like clockwork. i was so so sad to return this romper because it is what cute weekend loungewear dreams are made of.

i mean the backkkkkk, come onnnnnn. i was genuinely so sad to hand it over but i have had dresses/rompers before where i just never wear them because they make my stomach so angry at me!

however, i am definitely still running around town in my new fav Soludos espadrilles. they’re neutral, comfy and at a good price point. nothing but good things to say about them still!

and last but most DEFINITELY not least is my new tote. i have been looking for a new tote bag for…a year. HA. i have almost purchased the Madewell Transport tote approximately 20580230 times but that steep price always stopped me because I really needed some work clothing and shoes.

well then my tote that i used to carry my laptop/camera in around town broke. for a few months, i just carried my laptop/big items and used a smaller bag because i just didn’t want to buy a tote.

then one day at Anthro, i was folding clothes to close the store and noticed this new bag. it was love at first sight. at $88, it’s a really quality bucket tote that checks all the boxes: super spacious, long strap, neutral leather color and a boho twist with the fringe detail. it’s funny how style works a bit like life: you’ll look and look and try to force something to work. and then one day, you stumble upon exactly what you’re looking for and be SO glad you waited! 🙂

i will be sharing weekend wear as i find options! do you have anything you love to throw on? do you rock lululemon outfits, casual dresses or jeans + a cute tee for your weekend vibes?! post grad keeps throwing me curveballs and makes me see gaps where i didn’t see them before! kind of didn’t realize how extreme my college closet was — either i was going out or going to class. needed that in-between space filled a bit.

happy, happy Monday! i am looking forward to getting my car washed this week. that sounds like the silliest thing but i have just have so much junk in my car between cleaning out my closet and buying/returning so much clothing/shoes the last couple of months. i need my clean, good smelling car back — this is the week!!!!! it’s the small things like a new air freshener that make my day.

home design

shopping for plants in St. Louis

August 3, 2017

i get so many questions about plants on my Instagram because of my love for them and my growing collection! they have been my saving grace as i spruce up my space on a tight budget. i have a post soon about the best plants for indoors and how i care for them but first i thought it’d be helpful to have a little list of the places i frequent for plant purchases here in St. Louis!

enjoy, fellow green thumb friends.

bowood farms : great for plants but also really cute home decor (think Anthro meets a greenhouse). also the adjacent Cafe Osage will just make you swooooon. they have completely nailed a perfect aesthetic.

flowers and weeds : hands down one of my favorite places in St. Louis. if you think you’ve been to the cutest plant shop, rethink that and visit flowers and weeds. when i walk in there, i wonder if my true life calling is to be a gardener.

lowe’s : trusty lowe’s where i have purchased most of my home plants and succulents because if it dies or you end up not liking it, you just bring back the plant and receipt. like whaaaat?!?!

walter knoll : this is a wholesale florist but at the location on lasalle street, there’s a greenhouse and nursery. they have really great prices and are so, so kind.


these places are near and dear to my heart so treat them kindly. 😉 happy almost weekend!





ania styles: boho work-fit and espadrilles

August 1, 2017

linen pants / blouse (in lavender only still!) / earrings / Soludos striped espadrilles

work-fit = work outfit. #imclever

i was so excited when i saw these pants come in at Anthropologie because they are the perfect mix of “i want to look put together at work” and “i want to look boho chic still.” which is basically my style in a nutshell. put together but not toooooo put together and boho chic but not tooooo chic. ya feel me?

the top is so easy to wear. i am just over difficult tops. like if you require me to wear some weird bra and a cami and be uncomfortable all day? i’m out. this color sold out so speedy quick, but the lavender color is on sale now!

these Madewell earrings that i can’t quit crushing on completed the look and i have just been LOVING those little guys so so much! i was almost nervous to wear them at first because they are so bold but i get so many compliments on them — even from men at work! which just absolutely makes me lol.

it just makes me so convicted every time i think through a purchase (and usually spend a little more) that i really love this capsule closet mindset where i am building a closet that in five years, will have so many pieces i LOOOOVE. right now i’m at like 70/30. i freaking am obsessed with 30% and the other 70% will eventually be phased out. but hey, this girl has trips to take! people to eat dinner with! dinner parties to throw! plants to buy! slow progress is good progress.

the only downfall of these pants is that the slit makes them billow so so much. and i’m tall so that’s saying something! one thing i want to remind you all that i constantly remind myself is that a lot of things you don’t like (i.e. length, waist size, strap length) can be fixed by a seamstress! i am going to find a good one in STL to just sew that slit right up and then the pants will be my dream!

already scheming to pair them with a blouse-y top, a white button down, a little tank with a jean jacket, a blazer or a sleeveless top for a night out to dinner! i like to be able to think of at least three outfits when i buy something and with these pants, the possibilities are endless.

oh and those espadrilles. they are life-giving. i really need shoes but am having time finding some that match my style and are comfortable. i can’t even tell you how many pairs of shoes i’ve ordered this summer and returned. i have become SO picky!

but espadrilles feel SO me! i wore them all day at work today and i am basically a Soludos convert. my other flower embroidered espadrilles are by some DSW brand and these feel even softer. didn’t know that was possible. anywho, they’re so neutral being black and white stripe and i just couldn’t recommend them more! here’s a sneak peak at another style post for next week with a better shot of them. 🙂


i have been more and more excited lately about creating content here. and doing style posts more quickly so things don’t sell out. quick shout out to my dear friend Clair who was so excited to help me snap some pics this weekend — it’s hard to find gals that are just as pumped to do this as me! 😉

it’s a work in progress over here at ae but i’m seriously so grateful to have readers who are so patient, encouraging and just so darn sweet as you all are.