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i have a Pinterest board dedicated to my bedroom musings where you can see my inspiration for my room redesign!

here’s the thing: i have been buying small things. you know, things like candles, plants and a small print for my wall.

i want to make a few big changes, inexpensively, so that i feel like wow, i made progress and my room looks more complete. as much as i love candles, they don’t make you feel that progress!

my three main focuses are:

  1. new ‘above bed design.’ i am thinking maybe one long shelf. this one is so cute with the mix of prints + plants and yep, they nailed this concept.
  2. new ‘above desk design.’ i think some sort of boho feeling gallery wall of a combo of photos and prints? and some old photos? and maybe some flowers or eucalyptus or something taped to the wall? this is so cute with the tiny shelves and i am a HUGE fan of this lighting fixture + color palette
  3. new nightstand. when i bought this shelf unit, it was really just because of a great price and i  liked the look. at the time i didn’t have a nightstand, so i use it as one now. i want something smaller, with a drawer and shorter. i also like the idea thrifting something or using an unconventional piece like a chair or stack of crates so this one i have the least idea of how it’ll turn out!

i am also keeping an eye out for pillows and a throw blanket with more of a presence. and maybe a rug? i also think i might move out that skinny tall book shelf and build a desk for myself. i want a bigger desk, like basically the size of a small kitchen table because i like to work on a big surface.

stay tuned! i will keep you all updated in my IG stories for quick things and write longer posts here for everything i find and make! i am so excited to really make this room my own — and ball on a budget. 🙂

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