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book club: spring reads

haha spring reads.

that i’m just now reporting in J U L Y.

anywhozzle. two books that will change you by one author that i just am smitten with. and then a little humor to even it all out. let’s get to it!

one thousand gifts: a dare to live fully right where you are by ann voskamp

you know when multiple  people tell you to read a book and you ignore and ignore and forget and then FINALLY get around to reading it and then you’re like WHY DIDN’T YOU LOCK ME IN A ROOM UNTIL I READ THIS.

this book challenged and changed me. i usually preach to live each moment and choose joy daily but this book really hones in on why and how to do it when your life feels normal, hard and mundane. it’s just damn good. i would recommend to anyone, ever, always.

the broken way: a daring path in the abundant life by ann voskamp

you all. this book T O O. it’s like ann voskamp speaks directly to that part of your heart that says “what if it’s too late and there’s too much hard and my life isn’t so happy and perfect and what if i’m broken?” and she just washes you in her beautiful words and imagery. can’t speak highly enough of her as a writer — absolutely brilliant.

why not me? by mindy kaling

i love this book for a fast vacation read or a fun gift for a friend! mindy is one of my favorite writers/producers because she doesn’t pretend to be what she’s not. she started from the bottom and has become enormously successful off of hard work and an enormous amount of talent. she was just a normal kid and is now just a normal woman who happens to be famous. this book is a humorous look into her life as a celebrity with some good tips sprinkled in! it won’t necessarily change your life but i really enjoyed getting to know her better. she’s so freaking funny.

jesus calling devotional by sarah young

absolutely the best part of my morning. short, impactful and a reminder to start my day with Him.


i have so many good books sitting on my nightstand next to me so adios, off to read myself to sleep!

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