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i have been REALLY loving a couple of random things lately. i couldn’t figure out how to strategically make individual posts to highlight them all. so here’s a post with a couple things i just love — some new, some old!

  1. i found out about james arthur, LANY and ARIZONA all last week and i basically felt like a music ninja. they are such good tunes for cranking out work and running!
  2. speaking of things to listen to, if you’re not listening to awesome with Alison’s podcast, i don’t know why. go. listen. i don’t regularly listen to any other podcast except hers. ANY OTHER. have i convinced you yet?
  3. these jeaaaans. i bought these last summer (post here!) and i STILL have girls ask about them — that’s how well they’ve worn! you know when you see that perfect high waisted pair of jeans on a girl with that kinda frayed hem and you’re just like ugh, i bet she bought those at some Good Will somewhere? SHE DIDN’T (okay, she might have). but also she might have been wearing these. i didn’t know how people liked wearing jeans until i bought these. i borderline want to buy another pair in case these ever got ruined. they’re top rated on for a reason, people!
  4. reading. i guess this isn’t a thing you can buy buuuuut i’m still counting it. i just have been less and less attached to media lately — which is sometimes a hard battle because i love connecting with all of you! i have been doing a better job balancing (post soon about that!) so i have time to read every night, usually for at least 30 mins to an hour. post coming Thursday with my latest reads! yeesh, posts left and right. 😉 i love the idea of buying books that people heavily recommend and i will most likely love because then when one day when i have a house, i want to have a mini library! so i have to start now. 😉
  5. the nail polish color funny bunny by OPI. my friend at work was wearing this cool white-ish color and it looked killer against her tan. obviously i had to ask. then i got a manicure (see #6) and asked for that color. do naturally now i want it for my own stash but i am making myself wait for ALL of mine to run out before i buy another. #minimalism
  6. at-home manicures. i did this post a while back about at-home mani’s for you gals on a budget because #humblebrag, but i am really close to nailing it. anyways, when i was home in California, i treated my friend and i to a manicure/pedicure date. i got a gel manicure and it literally made me feel like a million dollars. you know what i mean though? WHAT IS IT ABOUT A GOOD WHITE NAIL COLOR AGAINST A TAN THAT HAS THIS EFFECT ON ME? anyways. then i realized why i don’t pay for gel manis: they make your nails so thin and sensitive. also they’re h-e-double-hockey-sticks to take off. so i had to go BACK to have them remove it and decided to get a manicure because i was feel rich with $20 cash in my wallet. and the thing lasted like a week. y’all. at home manis. the only way to go unless someone wants to fund a weekly gel manicure appt. let me know if you want to make that happen.
  7. true lemon drink mixes. my favorite is the peach lemonade but target doesn’t usually carry that flavor! my mom got me hooked on these a couple of years ago when we were trying to find a water flavor mix that was low cal and more natural than some of the super sugary ones out there — and i still love them. i have been trying to drink an enormous amount of water everyday to help with my health (water was the first medicine of the people — quotes by my dad #justbigMikethings) and these packets make it a MILLION times easier when you’re just like i cannot drink another Nalgene to save my life. also, i also drink water with a straw! it makes me drink so much faster and more. i can’t explain it, but i always have a straw in my Nalgene. might help you!
  8. my email subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights. it’s free and he sends you emails about cheap flights to anywhere in the world. i want to go to SE Asia with my friend who is living in Hong Kong next spring so i signed up for that reason but now i get such inspiration every time i receive an email! it could even be fun for a couple planning their honeymoon because you could let the cheap ticket inspire your trip.
  9. removing my make-up with coconut oil — i just bought the Trader Joe’s brand. i was racing through either cleansing wipes or make-up remover. then my friend said her lashes were benefitting from using coconut oil and i was like HOLD UP I’M THERE. #vainaboutmylashes. i haven’t seen a difference in length but i also haven’t been using it that long. i just dip my fingers into the oil and rub gentle circles onto my eyes until i look like a raccoon. then i rinse with lukewarm water, rub some more oil gently onto the rest of my face, rinse again and pat my face dry. the jar was less than $8 and is going to last me for forever AND it’s natural! which i love.
  10. ok this one is so random. no judgment zone is real right now. it’s…Tillamook cheddar cheese. you guys, i thought everyone bought Tillamook. then i realized there are people in this world living without the best cheddar cheese in the world when someone looked at me like a crazy person as i referred to cheddar cheese as Tillamook. i grew up with this cheese. okay, i understand i sound like a crazy person, but talk to me after you eat a slice. please go grace your tacos and grilled cheeses and nachos with this glory. you can buy it at Costco in a big chunk or other grocery stores! blessings to you and your stomachs.

i might start doing this random list of things i love more often! i enjoy trying new things — in literally every aspect of my life — so this might be a good way to keep you all in the loop when i don’t necessarily want to write an entire post about a simple product. like Tillamook. #ruinedallcredibilitywithnumberten

ALSO before i forget: i didn’t forget about the room tour post for those of you waiting on that! i had a moment of “oh wow, i actually don’t know if i like what i thought i liked in my room,” started perusing Pinterest, got re inspired and decided to let you in on that whole creative process. so i am taking lots of pictures of CURRENT state (which is making me self conscious because it’s so simple but i’m assuming many of you will relate with that!) and will post that next Tuesday and then Thursday, i have a post with my plans for my bedroom. that way, you can come along for the ride and see the method behind the madness. 😉

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