travel tips: budget, style & research

traveling can be expensive and stressful. however, the more i travel, the less often i feel either! i have learned some tips and tricks to make the most out of every trip, decreasing the stress of making it perfect. i hope these tips help you for your next trip and i will continue to share them in my travel diaries like i did in my new york post!

  • set yourself up for success for when you come back. leave a couple of groceries in the fridge, have a plan for getting home from the airport, make your bed, do some laundry, clean your room, etc. there’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy room when you’re already overwhelmed with reality after a trip.
  • if you like to ‘gram photos, especially with your hands in them (holding an ice cream cone, holding a donut, holding a puppy — opportunities are endless!), paint your nails. hey, i said i was going to share all my tips!;) i knew my friend had made an appointment for us to get our nails done on Sunday, so i didn’t. #chipsfordays
  • have $20+ of cash just in case you need to tip anyone in-between home and your destination: airport shuttle drivers, cab drivers, airport personnel. also, it’s always smart to have cash on you when you travel! you never know when you’ll want street food or have a little emergency.
  • check with your calendar to make sure you know when your period is going to come and prepare as necessary. this is something i am hyper aware of because mine can/usually are painfully awful. i actually currently plan travel around my cycle because they’re so terrible. also when you’re clouded by hormones, a trip can seem way more daunting than it really is! it might be worth it to take note of when you’re due for aunt flow the next time you plan a getaway.
  • make a snack bag/lunch for the airport/plane ride. my favorite travel snacks/meals are bananas, cashews, sweet potatoes fries with a baked chicken breast, butternut squash, rice/beans/guac, and berries. why spend start your trip spending a lot of money on sub par airport food when you can pack and eat exactly what you like?
  • pack a water bottle and fill it up at Starbucks at the airport! ask them for a venti iced water and you’re set. hydration is key to beating jet lag.
  • pack or buy groceries for breakfast. two perks of this: you can get your day started instead of waiting in line for brunch and you will save money. i often pack some bananas, granola bars and grab some yogurts from the store once i am at my destination.
  • stay hydrated. for some reason, people throw health out the window when they travel and with that, water! stay hydrated and buy water bottles throughout your day. even if it is a couple more dollars per day, you’ll feel better and therefore have a better trip!
  • pack clothes that can be repurposed. a necklace becomes the accessory to jazz a day dress up for a night out. that one piece swim suit becomes the top to a pair of shorts or skirt. the high waisted black jeans are paired with converse for lunch and booties for happy hour. pack clothes you can mix and match! add some layers and stick to neutral colors, and you might find yourself being able to just carry on.
  • don’t pack something you won’t wear. okay this is the world’s most obvious tip but the hardest to learn: just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean you are going to feel comfortable wearing an outfit you would never wear on your home turf. pack your favorites and that way you’ll feel confidant in anything you pull out of your bag instead of packing a lot of items that make you feel stiff and annoyed. i used to do this all the time! i would pack all these reaaaaaally trendy outfits but they were uncomfortable and i usually wore my other options. now that i have tailored my closet to the clothes i truly love, i don’t have this problem as often but it is the hardest habit to break! you don’t need to become someone you’re not when you travel — stay authentic to your style so you can pay attention to what really matters: where you are!
  • plan trips according to the weather. go see the Aspens in Colorado in the fall, jet to Ireland in August, head to New York in the spring, spend a weekend in London at Christmastime. try to think about how the weather can/will effect your trip and the activities you want to do, and plan accordingly! do keep in mind what the heavy travel seasons are for the places you have your list as well to avoid high tourist influxes and hefty flight prices.
  • space out trips, taking into account high-spending seasons. planning trips for before/after christmas takes a lot more effort because of the extra costs that you’ll experience as you buy gifts and save for your vacation. i like to travel in the late fall and early spring right now while i rock the cheap flights but i have to pay attention to birthdays and holidays, including buying flights to go home. i also think about the time of the year in relation to where i live. for example, i traveled a ton in April because i know the weather is unpredictable in st. louis and i love all the fun, free events in the summer so i’d rather spend money on settling here in the warm months. early spring and late fall are good to crank out some trips while there’s not much to do at home (if you live somewhere cold — if you don’t, we’re all jealous).
  • research, research, research. use hashtags like #travelnewyork and #newforkcity or instagram accounts to optimize social media to find the best restaurants, streets and airbnb’s. use sites like The Every Girl to look up guides to cities. stalk bloggers who have traveled or live(d) there. ask for recommendations from friends. google the city, the neighborhood, the best ice cream shops. use Yelp. and then map it all out. i spend hours before a trip making lists of things i want to do grouped by area for easy access once i am out and about. this way every opportunity for good food or sights is maximized without me trying to google something in the middle of the street with no data.
  • sort, delete and edit photos every night or else be overwhelmed by hundreds at the end of your trip. i’ll go through, one-by-one, deleting the ones i don’t want and editing in VSCO the ones i do! this makes it easier at the end of my trip to post to my blog and share with family + friends.

i will continue to share as i learn, as always! i hope this was helpful. do you have any tips + tricks to help with traveling?! do share below!

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