ania styles: a dress for picking flowers

dress: sold out so quick! ūüôĀ purchased at roolee

two darling white maxis here and here

as much as i love having a minimal wardrobe and shopping with intention, sometimes you just need to buy a dress that makes you want to prance through a field and pick flowers.


that’s all there is to it for this post. i don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes in the midst of feminism, i feel like it’s not cool anymore¬†to look soft or delicate. but i love that style. ¬†and i just want to say that there is a space for ALL styles¬†at the table. let’s not confuse being strong with not being soft because i think you can be both and be a boss woman all the same.

also, find friends that will take photos of you prancing through a little park field right next to a couple having a romantic easter picnic. those are the keepers.

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