ania styles: an ode to a target dress


dress: target ‘chiffon maxi dress cream floral’

here’s the honest to goodness truth: i haven’t purchased a piece of clothing from target since soffe shorts for track in high school. i just don’t fit into their clothing very well being 5′ 9″ and having…curves. #manifeellikeawoman

so you can imagine my surprise when i walked into target the other day and saw this dress as i strolled through the store on my way to grab some cotton rounds (my life is thrilling, i understand).

my first thought: “wait, that’s cute.”

my second thought: “but there’s no way they’ll have my size or if they do, that it’ll fit well.”

(fun fact: the target i live by is the busiest in its’ district. i just order a lot of things to the store because the selection goes down so, so fast!)

then i did something i haven’t done in a LOOOONG time at target and i tried on the dress. i had the time and i have been prioritizing building the dresses portion of my closet so i figured this could be a great first step.

and it fit! it even runs large which is better for my boho vibes and anti-tight clothing style. i usually don’t love the short in the front, long in the back look — but this one proved me wrong! it’s so flowy and multi-length at the bottom that it doesn’t look as extreme as the online photos make it seem. oh and ps, it does have a comfy slip so you don’t have to worry purchasing that separately. i don’t have money to go around buying slips for every dress i own – i need to buy important things like cotton rounds.

this is a great dress to wear to SO many occasions from Easter celebrations and summer weddings, date nights and backyard bbq’s. and for the price point of under $29.99? dress dreams come true around the world.

i am trying to get better at snapping photos of clothing right after i buy them because i can’t tell you how many times i’ve purchased something, waited a month to take a photo and it’s already sold out! and ALSO, dresses are buy one, get one 50% off right now at target with free shipping at $25 sooooooooo…i’m sorry if this was the week to stick to your budget. 😉

happy spring to all! i hope you have some sunshine in the forecast soon.




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