march style picks

last weekend i spent some time making a blog calendar for this little spot on the web and it felt so good! i had such clarity about where i want this blog to go and what i feel is most relevant to you all.

the reason for the monthly style picks is for you all to see what i’m eyeing. so often with bloggers, they’ll comment back to me that they got a top on major discount and in a way, i wish i had known to stalk that top too. that way i would’ve snagged it on sale as well!

with these monthly posts, which will start happening the first week of every month, you’ll get an inside glance into my shopping brain and be able to see what i’m stalking until i can afford it. that’s the biggest tip i can give for shopping: put an item in your online bag and then just wait. be patient. wait some more.

here’s a great example: this free people sweater has been on my radar since september. SEPTEMBER, PEOPLE. even with my employee discount, i still felt like it was a bit overpriced so i put it in my free people and macy’s online shopping bags and would check in every so often. then, last week, i was able to score it on macy’s by downloading their app, getting 25% my first app order and applying a discount code that was running last weekend. this might sound completely absurd and sometimes it is, but that’s the way i shop! i can’t afford to spend $130 on a sweater at this point in my life so i have trained myself to be patient. sometimes it results in me missing out. but that’s fine by me because it helps me reroot in the fact that if i don’t end up getting it, that should not be the end of my world.;)

now that i’ve explained this new series better, here are my march picks! these are items i am considering buying or just really wish a magical fairy would drop on my doorstep. each image is hyperlinked to its’ source so if you also love any, feel free to shop via each photo!

do you have any items you’re eyeing? should i add something to my list? comment below if you have something you’re just obsessing over til that price drops. 😉

2 thoughts on “march style picks

  1. Gabrielle

    I went and tried on the Madewell perfect summer jean the other day – LOVED THEM. But, I’m trying to practice what you preach and wait until I can snag some sort of discount on them! I can’t wait for the day I get to wear them though <3 great post Ania!

    1. ania elizabeth Post author

      ohhhhh i have been wanting to try those on! but i have good summer jeans right now so i am trying to resist. YES WAIT! i have a feeling there will be a sale soon…they haven’t had one in awhile…


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