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diy: sweet tree branch photo display

i have been looking for a way to cover big spaces in our apartment without breaking the bank. nice paintings, big frames and large prints are SO expensive!!!

i found this tree branch at a store here in st. louis called k hall designs. the flagship store is over by my church so obviously i haaaave to go in there all the time. 😉 it’s the store that makes lots of the candles you see at stores like anthropologie and cute little boutiques except it’s all condensed into one heavenly space. i love to pop by just to, you know, check in on things, peruse new scents, touch all the soft loungewear. the usual.


that store gives me the BEST inspiration. honestly these days i look forward to shopping not for the things i’ll buy, but the decor inspiration i might gain. stores like free people, k hall, anthropologie and even a garden shop i adore give me ideas for how to decorate our apartment or what i want my closet to look like. and luckily for me, my roommate doesn’t mind that i am constantly rearranging and fiddling with this and that and buying a million plants. and by a million i mean 4 (for now).

so when i saw the tree branch, i was instantly hooked. i love bringing outdoors, indoors. and then i found out it was ten dollars and my mom practically shrieked with joy for me.

i hung it from my ceiling with tiny hooks, bought twine from Michael’s with their 40% coupon (if you shop their and don’t use that coupon, i need you to do that so i don’t stress about the money you’re not saving), and got free prints from parabo press!

side note real quick about the prints: I WAS SO IMPRESSED. honestly. like really impressed.

  1. the packaging is so darn cute
  2. the photos are on this sturdy paper that just really makes me happy
  3. i love how my instagram was able to come to life in little squares
  4. your first order is free – so i literally just paid shipping for lots of them!!! go check it out!!!

i don’t even know if i can justify making this a diy post because it’s so simple but just for your info:

  1. hang the branch from your ceiling so it creates a cool 3d look and also so that whatever you hang from it doesn’t scrape against your wall
  2. wrap twine a couple of times around each end to create this makeshift meets rustic meets “i just casually have a branch in my room” look
  3. eyeball it and hang a couple of strands of twine so you can clip your photos to them. i say eyeball it because i think a little imperfection in this wall decor makes it look better! if you want that boho, easy going vibe, you’ll have to be okay with a little imperfection. 🙂
  4. using teeeeeny clothespins (again at Michaels, again with the 40% off coupon), hang your parabo prints and be have sweet dreams under your square memories for many, many moons to come!

even though this came out looking so sweet and girly, i don’t know if this bed look is really what i am going for. it’s darling of course, but i think the colors are a bit more soft than i’d love. which makes no sense but i am still trying to figure out my style both with fashion and home. ideally, i want to hang little votive candle holders and little potted plants and maybe some twinkle lights. make it feel like a little more anthro meets free people meets ania’s budget. but i also had a tree branch hanging from my ceiling so i had to do something for now. 🙂

also, while we’re on the topic of dream beds, i am eyeing this duvet cover and i dreeeeaaaaaammmmmm of a bedroom that looks like so. also i think i might make a planter because god knows i can’t afford a fancy one. literally. god and i talk about plants. among other things. 😉

i guess that’s all to say that okay is just as good as perfect ESPECIALLY with home design because things can get so expensive so so quickly. so be okay with less. spend your money on what you want to spend it on. don’t feel the need to rush into decisions to impress visitors. take your sweet time and make it your own.

i’d rather spend a little for now so i can have something there while eyeing things i really want and dreaming up new ways to decorate than splurge really quickly just because i think i need to have it done all at once. because i don’t. so these sale shams and this sweet branch are good enough for me for now.

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