travel diary: chicago, il

i visited one of my dearest friends in chicago last weekend and it was just perfectly normal. we ate, drank wine, caught up, went out, and just lived a weekend in her new normal. and it was perfect. as much as i love visiting new places, i just as much love visiting new friends.

here are a couple of snaps from the weekend — i would apologize for there not being more, but i am kind of glad there’s not. i was present there and that’s how i like it!

first trip of 2017 in the book. and a road trip checked off my year 23 bucket list.

the most gorgeous window display

mahi mahi tacos for two please

an adorable cafe that i am now obsessed with called left coast

curry bowl for the win

if i ever open my own shop, i want a little llama by the dressing rooms like this shop had

morning walks along the lake

wine courtesy of the owner — LOVED this restaurant. was called the dawson.

the gal pal herself

the way the water isn’t distinguishable from the sky

the first thing she told me about her apt is that it’s one block from TJs

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