ania styles: sweaters to get us through

it’s february tomorrow!!! one step closer to spring!!! tonight i heard the birds chirping as i left work and i was so so so happy at the thought that spring could be closer than i think.

but reality check, ania: it’s still COLD COLD COLD. and will be for probably at least 6 more weeks. bah humbug.

silver lining? this is the best time to stock up on the sweaters you’ve been eyeing all season, waiting to go on sale. for the next couple of months, they’ll just drop lower and lower in price. the sizes are flying out the window on the good ones (i’ve missed a couple because i waited too long so don’t make my mistake) but since i am looking for one or two more for next winter as one or two of mine are on their last legs, i thought i’d just link all the ones i have been eyeing here for you all to take advantage of!!

stay snuggly and cozy. i’m sure there will be one day this summer that i will long for a winter day. (maybe) (probably not)

madewell long cardigan / free people v-neck sweater / bp ruffle hem pullover

cowl neck pullover / black mock neck sweater / madewell turtleneck sweater

madewell sweater coat (OBSESSED) / madewell fireside cardigan sweater

cream colorblock fringe cardigan sweater / woodside pullover sweater

old navy hi-lo cable-knit sweater / textured cardi-coat (wait this is so cute)

boxy stretch mohair jumper / roolee knit long cardigan

light pink knit turtleneck / copper crewneck loose sweater

ps stay tuned for a post i am excited to share thursday – tangible ways for you to be a boss lady! because if i hear that buzzword one more time without any actions associated to it, i’m going to scream.

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