(first) maternity photo session: hofman family

i am so very lucky to have wonderful people who will let me learn as i take their photos. abby and jimmy are friends of my sister and i’s so doing this specific type of shoot for the first time made me feel more at ease.

abby and jimmy wanted to capture this special time for them as they prepare for their first child and i always am looking for practice so this was a win-win!

we met in forest park in st. louis and laughed through learning how/where jimmy should pose without looking awkward or…awkward. 🙂 it was definitely not his fault because as you’ll see, they’re brilliantly photogenic. it was more so the fact that in her black dress, abby’s baby bump didn’t show in the photos without her hands around it. but then what does jimmy do with his hands?! we couldn’t stop laughing at our failed attempts but i think the successes turned out beautiful.

i am so happy for them and the beginning of this special new life. there is nothing sweeter that seeing a couple grow their love for each other.


congrats abby and jimmy! i am praying for baby hofman and can’t wait to meet him/her!

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