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diy eucalyptus wreath

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i think my ideal job would mom/wife + florist + photographer + blogger. all from a cool home office. like some big loft upstairs with lots of windows. hey, a girl can dream!!!

going off that florist bit, i definitely got a green thumb from my mama, the master gardener extraordinaire. as i decorate my room and apartment, i am keeping an eye out for plants and greenery to add life to my spaces. there is something about plants that completely transforms a room – it’s so fresh.

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i saw this bundle of eucalyptus at trader joe’s and i couldn’t help but buy one (okay, fine i bought two). i love wreaths and greenery on walls, swooning over them in magazines, but they are SO expensive!!! who in their right mind charges over a hundred dollars for a wreath?! yeesh.

so, in classic ania fashion, i made my own.

what you’ll need:

  • scotch tape
  • eucalyptus
  • scissors
  • ribbon (i used this one)

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first, i identified the thick stems on some of the branches that would be hard to bend into the circle shape and either cut them in half or cut them off.

then i just took one branch and starting taping another halfway up the following branch so they overlapped until i formed a circle, taping bits and pieces as i went. it’s not an exact science and you can also add or snip pieces away when you’re finished. or you can start by taping a straight line of them and then bending the whole thing into a circle if that’s easier!

the branches will stick out and look imperfect but after you hang it up with the ribbon, you can tape some in or add smaller pieces here and there. it was therapeutic and adds a simple, beautiful touch to my room. plus, i put the extra pieces in little jars around my apartment and it adds just the right something extra.

the wreath hangs on my closet door now, just to the left of my favorite cross, and reminds me of st. therese of lisieux. she lived a life of deep love, living joyfully in her daily actions, and inspires me to do all with profound intention.

“Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love.”

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i hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend and have the opportunity to spend time with friends, family and good food. i will be in st. louis while my family is scattered around but i am excited to be reunited with me whole family here in st. louis at christmas!


vibed to the crown on netflix while writing. i have always loved the royal family and i am quickly being sucked into the show.

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