(first) engagement session: emily + corey

you know that phrase that goes “do something everyday that scares you”? well i have been doing that lately and it’s been honestly changing the game. i just DO it. i stop wondering what people will think or if they’ll say no and i just freaking ask. AND PEOPLE ARE NICE AND (mostly) SAY YES.

basically all that was to preface this engagement shoot i did with a friend from college and his fiancé (and now a friend as well!). i saw that they got engaged by seeing their post on facebook and mused for like a solid three weeks about asking them if i could do an engagement shoot for them.

there were also two problems: 1. i was in california and they were in st. louis and 2. i had no plans to go to st. louis anytime soon.

but for as messy and stressful as this summer was, there His fingerprints were. in a matter of weeks i was on a plane to st. louis to visit with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew (and secretly interview for the job i now have #catsouttathebag #canyoureadthat). so i just wrote out a text in a flurry to corey before i had the chance to second guess myself and asked them if they’d mind if i did an engagement shoot with them to see how i liked it and they said yes.

the end.

plain and simple.

ask and ye shall receive.

i thought i was going to throw up as i waited for them at the first shoot location on slu’s campus. but the way i felt throughout? it was so fulfilling. in a way, i could feel Him near because of how i really felt like i was using my talents. does that make sense? in those hours traipsing around and capturing their amazing love, i felt so overwhelmingly myself and in that, so close to Him.

it was beautiful and it made me fall in love with photography in a new way. being the one to give people photos that they will (hopefully hehe) treasure is an enormous blessing. hoping to do more shoots in the future!

if you or your friends are engaged (or soon to be!), i would love to be involved in that chapter of their lives as their photographer! they can email me at – my rates are quite low at this point in my career. 😉

enjoy emily + corey! their love for each other and Him is pure and golden and i can’t wait to see the glory they bring as a married couple next summer!




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vibed to the newest episode of this is us. i don’t even know if i like that show but i keep watching it….?

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