fri-yay favs: madewell’s best

so for this week’s fri-yay fav (changing it from ten because what if i don’t have ten? then what? i still want to be able to talk with you all #ohthedrama), we’re talking the best of the best at madewell. one FINALLY opened here in fresno and it reminded me how much i love that store. their stuff is great quality, they have good sales and it’s very wearable. even though i love anthropologie, our clothing has a certain flair and i tend to go elsewhere for the basics, like tees, striped everything’s and sweaters.

enter madewell.

the cool teenager cousin of j crew. she works from home as an entrepreneur and loves a crisp white tee with a great leather accessory. i don’t know why i went so far with that but let’s just throw in that her favorite drink is a shot of apple cider vinegar. trendy, healthy, boss lady type threads.

so today i thought i would do a round-up of my favorites at madewell. if i had to buy ten things right now, it’d be…

1 | whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee: i have this in optic white and heather pewter – they’re epic. i have been hunting for a good white v neck, saw this on sale, added on my student discount and they were 15 bucks. the best tees in the game.

2 | the perfect striped tee: a good striped tee is a staple. i have been eyeing this one for forever and i am just waiting for a sale to grab it. i have seen it appear on multiple blogger’s fav so you don’t have to just take my word.;)

3 | my go to black skinny jean: perfect mid-rise, solid black, great length black skinny jean. bam. bam. BAM. their denim is C L U T C H.

4 | the best open cardigan on the market: so i realized doing my closet purge (yes, the post got moved to monday – sorryyyyy) that i don’t really like sweaters with buttons. probably because i never button them? genuinely don’t know. but i love open sweaters that just hang without tons of fastens. madewell’s ryder cardigan sweater is a DREAM. i tried it on the other day just for kicks and fell in love. it is SOOOOO soft, falls perfectly in all the right spots and there are no buttons. i remember this sweater going on sale last year so i am just waaaaaiiiiiiiiting…..

5 | ballet flats with an ankle strap: so this style of shoe is very trendy right now and at first i was kind of indifferent about it. when the store opened here, they had this shoe and i was a walking heart eye emoji. it’s such feminine look with the tiny heel and ankle strap – they would look so darling with cuffed skinny jeans and an oversized flannel or a long sleeved dress (speaking of – i linked a bunch back here on this post!).

6 | the weekend bag from dreamland: if i had this bag to tote off with me on little weekend rendezvous trips, i would feel like a QUEEN. i mean, talk about fine. leather. goods. (direct parks and recs reference which if you didn’t catch…well, you are dismissed.)

7 | THE green jacket: fall comes and the utility style green jackets come popping out of nowhere. and for the right reason! they are a great transition quote from fall to winter and winter to spring plus look great layered over dresses, sweaters and just about everything else. both the previous and this fleet jacket are great options – like always, just wait for a good sale! although i must say, that’s a really great price for the quality of this jacket – you’ll have it for life.

8 | the leather tote that inspires all other leather totes: the transport tote is madewell and madewell is the transport tote. it wears beautifully, is the perfect dimensions, has the perfect length straps and there’s just none like it. i have a black longchamp tote right now that i bought with my high school grad money and that little guy has been all over the world with me. i have been eyeing this madewell tote for forever but it is a little more expensive so i have looked for alternatives. and by looked, i mean SCOURED. there’s just not another like it. the leather is so soft and slouchy, and the other ones either had too short of straps or were too square. it’s the real freaking deal people.

9 | bell sleeved, striped dress: i mean C’MON MADEWELL. stripes AND a slight bell sleeve? i will be s t a l k i n g this dress to the sale rack. i love bell sleeves and this one has just the right touch (although i have been known to try some on that are huge and i love them all the same.)

10 | the coat of my sweet sweet dreams: this coat has it all going on. the perfect chestnut, feels-like-fall-forever color? check. the blanket-y extra fabric for a snuggle effect? check. that relaxed, oversized blazer look with the lapels and one button? check. i don’t need another winter jacket but if this number goes on major after christmas sale…………………….

(okay so it haaaaaappened to be ten items this week.)


vibed to the sound of the laundry machine while writing. my mom verryyyy conveniently always runs a load right before she goes to sleep and then pops her head in to remind me to hang the delicates when she’s done. and no one can refuse mama sullivan in her pjs.

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