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5 steps to better sleep

this summer put the hec in hectic. and my sleep was one of the first things to suffer as a result. so i developed a five step, foolproof system for myself that i thought i would share with you!

here’s the thing: you’ve probably read a list about sleep hacks before. tips about pre-bed yoga and long, warm baths and all that jazz. but if we’re being real with ourselves we would realize that the reason we’re sleeping poorly is probably due to lack of time combined with increase stress and if there is a lack of time, i want to see success from any pre-bed routines. (because i would obviously rather watch the latest new girl episode.)

these are five things i try to do every night and honestly, it’s has proven to result in success almost 10/10 times.

1 | make a cup of sleepytime tea as you clean up after dinner. it will be cooled down, ready to drink and be out of your system before you lay down to go to sleep thus not waking you up at night with a full bladder. similarly to children, it’s good to have a routine. your body will sense it’s time for sleep soon and start to calm down as you do the same things every evening. it doesn’t have to be crazy – something as simple as putting on your pajamas, lighting a candle or drinking tea will do!

2 | try to keep workouts before dinner. when i was hard core suffering from insomnia when i was younger, that’s the first piece of advice i got from the doctor. try to give yourself the whole evening to wind down and get your heart rate to normal.

3 | do not let yourself to start any big projects or work on anything that will hype you up for the hour or so before bed. for instance, i don’t let myself look at apartment things or house hunt before going to sleep because i either stress myself out or i get super excited and can’t fall asleep. do simple, basic tasks like prepare lunch for the next day or set out your clothes. save those big, energetic tasks for the morning when you’re fresh!

4 | have one book/essay/paper object to read for 20 minutes before going to sleep. if you have a kindle, get a real book – they’re available at this thing called a library.;) it has been proven that screen time before bed will really mess with your quality of sleep. case in point: i started sleeping so deeply once i dedicated this minimum 20 minute reading partay that i noticed i had begun dreaming again. #deepsleepforthewin

5 | speaking of screen time, get those glowing squares awayyyyyy for the hour before you go to sleep – or longer! put away your computer, iPad, iPhone and anything else that glows. take a shower. chat with your roommate. browse your clothes for new ideas. get away from the screens ESPECIALLY when you are having an especially difficult time falling asleep. don’t pick up your phone and start scrolling. lie there and think about a dream vacation, your dream home or your dream ice cream flavor.;)


vibed to brooklyn nine-nine while writing. kasia got me hooked – it’s GREAT busy work background tv if you needed a rec.;)

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