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book club: summer reads

*yes, it is JUST NOW turning to fall here. so i felt like that title was appropriate since i was sweating outside today helping my dad. #centralvalleyswag

a while ago i asked for some book recommendations on my instagram and i have been slowly working my way down the list ever since! there are few things i like more than a recommendation for a good read. i don’t know if i am the only odd duck that does this, but i have to finish a book once i start it. so when i start a bad one, we’re in it for the long run.

these are the ones i have read since then. i rated them on a scale of 1 – 5 stars with five being the best … but you might like something i didn’t so keep that in mind.;)

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist: ☆☆☆☆☆

i have gone back and reread sections of this book and that should tell you something because i RARELY reread books. and i had it on my kindle but i am going to order it for one of the books to have in my apartment / forever. wow. this is a masterpiece by shauna that will help you see that this daily life we’re living is the best darn thing we have if we just notice it. i had so many people recommend it to me and when i finally read it, it was like reading something that had already been written on my heart. gahhh, can’t recommend this enough!

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica: ☆☆☆☆

i am not usually a huge fan of suspense ANYTHING (cried because the suspense in lilo and stitch was too much for me just to give you an idea of my tolerance level) but i really liked this book surprisingly. nothing ever happened that was grotesque or scary so it ended up being a great book because i truly dislike reading scary books full of really awful, realistic events. but this was suspenseful without have those scenes so win-win!

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica: ☆☆☆☆

^^^ same as for good girl. it’s just a good thriller with some unexpected twists but nothing ever happens on the pages that’s too gruesome but i would definitely say it’s pg-13.;) her writing reminds me a lot of gone girl if you liked those vibes! i don’t typically reach for these kinds of books but it was a good change of pace!

The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore: ☆☆☆☆

i read this book in one night. it’s not the most elevated writing in the universe which is why i didn’t give it five stars (that’d be like giving nicholas sparks five stars – i don’t know if i could compare that to like a harry potter five stars?) but if you’re looking for an easy, romantic read – look no further!

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion: ☆☆

the only reason i gave it two stars and not one is because it is well-written from the man with autism’s point of view. i have a soft spot in my heart for autism so i appreciated the cleverness and the accuracy of his traits but the book as a whole didn’t pull me in!

I’m Glad About You by Theresa Rebeck: ☆

it just wasn’t good in my opinion? it’s basically a high school romance that doesn’t work out and there’s some infidelity action  which is my least favorite thing to see in media. and i thought the story line was suuuuuper drawn out. but yes, i finished it. ugh.

Make It Happen by Lara Casey: ☆☆☆ (but only because of the timing! read below!)

i am reading one self-improvement book a month in my 23rd year as you read on my to do list for dreamy 23 here and this was september’s book! it’s all about just doing the dang thing and tackling the fears that are holding back from your dreams thus discovering your self-worth. i think i kind of already had that realization earlier this summer when i launched my blog and started revolving my life more around “imperfect actions make things happen” so the book didn’t have as much of an effect on me which is why i only gave it 3 stars. but if you need a little kick in the rear to get yourself going, this is the book for you! it’s well-written and will give you a realistic chat with yourself before jumping off the deep end with an idea.

Seven by Jen Hatmaker: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

yes, i do realize i gave this book six stars. i read this right after i finished my third closet purge and while reading it, came full circle and had some pretty not pretty realizations about how despite my best efforts, i still spend money on things i don’t need. this book will rock you. don’t read it if you want to stay in the happy bubble of frivolous, accidental shopping sprees at target and buying one too many candles at anthropologie. DO READ if you’re ready to see what consumerism does to us and our brains. it’s completely changed the way i spend my money but i am writing an entire post on how to purge your closet and shop intentionally for this friday so stay tuned! gonna be one of my best yet, i can feel it. anywho, get this book and let it change you.


also, as I remember them, I’ll list some of my just all-time favorite reads at the end of these reviews for you to check out! see you in the beginning of december when i go over my fall reads – they’re already pretty stacked!

The Kite Runner

A Thousand Splendid Suns

The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

Me Before You

Gone Girl

The Girl on the Train

every single harry potter book of course


vibed to a cinderella story because it’s now on netflix and yes, that scene where he runs up to her in the stands S T I L L gets to me.

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