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instafollow: *praise hands*

the final installment of the instafollow series is all my praise hands accounts. these are accounts that i follow to keep my ig feed full of encouraging, faith-filled photos, quotes and women. if i am honest with myself, i am on instagram a lot (although i have been less lately! #babysteps) so it’s nice to automatically see the refreshing feeds of other women or accounts that are trying to slide into social media with grace and hope.

these are my favorite accounts to follow. some of these have quite honestly changed my life with their words and insight. whenever i write a wordy instagram caption and think to myself “is this too much? do people like this?”, my mind goes to these accounts that make me pause mid-scroll and reflect.

enjoy these (in no particular order) and thanks for following along with this series!

1 | jess connolly: jess is everything. my sister and i refer to her as if she’s our friend. “oh did you see jess is in stl?” “yeah, i insta-messaged her some restaurant recommendations!” have we ever met jess? no. will we ever? maybe not. but she speaks truth, people. honestly we could be friends in real life. she says everything you think no one else thinks and does it so wonderfully that kasia and i are constantly tagging each other in her posts even though there’s a very slim chance we’d miss one. she inspires me to be bold, wild and free in my faith.


2 | blessed is she: if you aren’t signed up for their daily emails, do that here! guaranteed to be an email that will help you start your day off right. they have the BEST quotes about faith and from saints. i love love love their feed and their work and their ministry and that cute little wreath around their name.


3 | katharine griffin: she. slays. the. word. game. honestly, just go through and read some of her captions! so so good. also she’s so cute. also she’s a ‘denim enthusiast’ – if you coin that, you’re a winner in my book.


4 | beating 50 percent: i have already signed my future husband up for beating 50 percent’s future retreats. neither exist but i am so there (and so is he – let him know). they are so encouraging and even though i am not in a relationship, i learn so much from this account and stow it away in my brain so i can be a better girlfriend, fiancé and wife one day! audrey roloff is amazing so i haven’t been surprised at how much of a success this has been for them and i hope ALL the best continues to flow their way.


5 | deeply rooted: they have wonderful posts – really uplifting and profound words!!! another magazine i need for around my apartment for sure. they also host retreats which would be amazing, i’m sure, if there’s one in your area!


6 | lara casey: oh lara. where do i begin?! lara is probably the realest of the real. she has a pretty crazy past and from her rough beginnings, through grace and prayer, she created a life that will inspire you to find joy in your REAL life (not some pretty instagram version). she talks when she struggles, she talks when she rejoices and her daughter grace talks a lot too which is seriously the best thing ever. also they adopted a baby girl which just reallllyyyyy gets my heart pumping.


7 | rach kincaid: jess and rach are best friends and it’s such a good model of what friendship should be. also her bio for her instagram (see photo below) is my life. i feel sometimes too old for my generation and i love the way she approaches faith, motherhood and relationships – all while being an all around boss lady. also her family is so cute and i am sincerely obsessed with her snap chats of her kids walking to the bus every morning – it’s so darn cute.


8 | my freedom bell: jess strikes again. she made this account as a well to ring her ‘freedom bell’ and be healthy, fit and learn to love her body. since that resonates with just about every woman i can think of, you might want to follow this one too. she is so real and fresh – it’s refreshing.;) #getit #someonestopme


9 | she reads truth: if you aren’t signed up for SRT daily email devotionals, do that now! it is such an easy way to insert a little grace into your day by merely checking your email – something you probably around do. they have great prayer plan books and everything is so cute. like this advent one for this year? praise hands for that.


10 | tapestry magazine: even though they have a small following, they have something really good going on here. i love their aesthetic and their magazines are so beautiful!! they could even be used for a coffee table read. #apartmentplanningalways #stilllivingathome



vibed to brooklyln nine-nine via my sister’s orders. funny show while i wait for the mindy project to come back…

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