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fri-yay ten: america the beautiful

so i have been recently re-obsessed with america.

that sounds completely different now than it did in my head…

what i MEAN is that i have started thinking about places in america that i would love to visit. i will always love traveling abroad but dat shiz is expensive yo. so lately i have been taking notes of places my fav bloggers live, where my friends take photos, etc etc to remember for when i am too broke to go to thailand but could swing a road trip to somewhere in the great u s of a.

i am going to write this as fast as i can so that it’s as organic as possible and link a photo to the name of the place with the image of what i want to see when i am there. these are literally just off the top of my head so yolo here we go!

1 | charleston, south carolina

2 | bryce canyon, utah

3 | new york, new york

4 | boston, massachusetts

5 | martha’s vineyard, massachusetts

6 | nashville, tennessee

7 | antelope canyon, arizona

8 | yellowstone national park, wyoming

9 | literally any island, hawaii

10 | savannah, georgia

just because you might not have the money to go somewhere where they speak a different language doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the thrill of traveling. go visit a friend, do a road trip, visit a nearby national park. our world is beautiful if you just take the time to go see it!


vibed to the latest grey’s anatomy episode. i haven’t been super impressed lately…? #dontgetmad

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