the great mascara hunt of summer 2016

okay so after trying a gazillion mascaras, i have found le winner.

you might be asking yourself, “why in the world does she care so much about mascara?”

touché, my internet friend.

two answers:

  1. life is pretty bland around here so i try to make grand adventures out of kind of nothing. a trip to starbucks turns into the most exciting thing i do all day. going to work involves also stopping at sephora to browse around or taking the long way home to bump to music. going on a walk involves finding the perfect podcast to listen to. so finding the perfect mascara was a way for me to take my mind of some other more serious, less frivolous things.
  2. i don’t wear a lot of make up and i am trying to wear less, especially on my face. since the only thing i regularly replace is mascara (because blush and bronzer last A G E S), i let myself spend a little more. i’d rather have one really nice one that i use til it’s completely dry than three cheaper versions that i rotate until i get sick of them which is usually when they’re only about half finished.

these are the ones i tried:

  • too faced better than sex: my favorite before le winner. h8 that name, love(d) the mascara. the only problem is that it has a lot of “fall-out” which i learned from my pals at sephora is when mascara kind of just falls off your eyelashes throughout the day which makes them look kind of worn out by the end. i’d have to agree. this mascara makes you feel like a million bucks when you put it on but after comparing it to le winner, it just didn’t have the same lasting effect.
  • maybelline great lash: it just doesn’t do much for me? it’s pretty wet, doesn’t give a lot of volume (which i need for my spindly little lashes) and i end up getting another one everytime i buy it.
  • covergirl lashblast: the bristles on this mascara are useless – they’re SO short. by the time i give up on my 78th coat trying to get some length, they’ve become so thick that i get annoyed. merp.
  • bobbi brown eye opening: this made my eyelashes v heavy and didn’t give them a lot of length. however, i do get why it’s called eye-opening because your lashes look very black which rims your eyes and gives them a bright-eyed look. maybe if i had longer lashes it would’ve worked better for me!
  • l’oreal double extend lash extension effect: holy smokes that’s a mouthful. so this mascara has a primer which will make your lashes look really defined and pretty. if you’re looking for a more natural looking lashes mascara, this is the one. i like a little more volume and drama. #thrills
  • l’oreal voluminous volume building: that feels like the same word twice to me – anyone else?;) i had hopes for this little guy but alas, another return. it was very wet and thus clumped together with every coat since it never really fully dried.

and le winner is…lancome’s hypnose drama instant full volume! this little tube is freaking expensive. completely hear you on that. but, i’ll admit it, i am vain about my eyelashes. so i’d rather get a nice mascara than get starbucks everyday. s u e  m e.

reasons why it rocks:

  • it still looks good after a full day of wearing it
  • it will give you length, definition and fullness. which is VERY hard to pull off i have learned
  • it’s VERY black which i lurveeeee #ohthedrama
  • the angled, curvy brush actually helps me get full coverage on my lashes and they look more full which is a FEAT because i am pretty sure i have approximately 7 lashes. total.
  • it smells good…? no idea why but it has like a nice scent? guess that’s what you get for selling your soul to lancome
  • the packaging makes you feel like a regal baller whilst amidst your other feeble make-up products that are being worn down to the bare bones

quick tips: to make your mascara last longer don’t pump the mascara brush in and out of the tube. you’re forcing oxygen into the tube which will cause it to dry out faster.

oh, and there’s a LOT of product in this lancome tube so the first couple of times i had to lightly scrape some excess off but it’s golden now. i’m taking that as a plus because the more the better for that price point.

if you’re at the end of this post, i just want to say that your commitment to lashes makes you both amazing and insane. welcome to the club.

p.s. i’ll let you know how long it lasts and what my thoughts are after a full term of using it. why did i just say full term? no, i am not pregnant.


vibed to this is us while writing – is anyone else really into this new show? it’s a good one. and i am PICKY when it comes to tv shows.

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