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okay, yes, touché, i could have just written it earlier. after all, i am in charge around here.

i love lifestyle blogging. i just think it’s so creative how people can take daily life and capture it in tiny squares. i totally get that some people think it’s too much or overdone but i think it’s pretty cool to see moms or young gals in their twenties that are able to take the mundane and view it in a perspective that makes it beautiful.

so these are instagram accounts that i love on HARD. i comment. they reply. i think they know me. they probably don’t. i read their blogs. i think we’re friends.

etc. etc. etc.

so these are the mom bloggers, the lifestyle bloggers and the all-stars of my feed. giving you the elite eight this week because you know me – if i ain’t got one to fully recommend, i ain’t gonna.


1 | @camppatton: grace patton makes me laugh with (almost) every instagram post. this is my all-time fav photo on instagram. ever. she doesn’t do a load of sponsorships and her account is just refreshingly REAL. and she has wit if i’ve ever seen it. oh my, she is FUNNY. i feel like she could have a book of her instagram photos + captions and i would buy it for my coffee table. she’s catholic and i just feel like i know her, okay? okay. *ps phoebe, one of her daughters, truly slays my heart. she is so cute and sassy.*


2 | @ash.beck: ashley it one of my good pals here in fresno. i met her on the first day of anthropologie training and it was friend-love at first sight. she is exactly what you want in a friend and feed: real, kind and jesus lovin’. she is trying out the idea of intentional shopping with me so you’ll be seeing her name pop up around here in the next couple of weeks!


3 | @mamawatters: she’s kind of like the pioneer of mom ‘grammers. she has this kind of old soul, midwest, home cooked vibe. don’t know what i mean? look at her insta and you’ll figure it out reaaaaal quick.


4 | @mytinytribe: oh my gosh, i love this lady (and her aesthetic). please look at this post, fall in love with her sincerity, realness + commitment to her daughters, and follow her. period. the end of story.


5 | @burtsbrisplease: other than the fact that i have ZERO idea how to pronounce bri’s instagram handle name, this gal is cuuuuute. and her son? his hair and little mischievous smile? i cannot. (but i can and do follow.)


6 | @taylorgolden: she just seems to really love to find beauty in her life. she is friends with mary lauren, #7, and they both just have this really fresh, creative aesthetic that inspires me! also she just had a son and named him sage – gooooood bye HOW CUTE.


7 | @marylauren: i loved this post because it reaffirmed that she’s actually living simply and not just saying that. she has a pretty fresh, simple lifestyle feed and it doesn’t feel overdone. gosh, her and taylor are just so darn cute.


8 | sarah hart: SARAH AHHH I LOVE SARAH. her feed is one of my favs. her son gideon is literally just the cutest little bub with this mop of hair that makes me want a little boy so bad. she has this way of writing captions that makes you feel like you’ve been pals for awhile and, gosh, i just really like her. she thrifts, cooks and like sunflowers. check, check, and cheeeeck.


vibed to pitch perfect while writing. specifically the part where fat amy says “well, sometimes I have the feeling i can do crystal meth, but then I think, ‘mmm, better not.’ #classic

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