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back in january (you guys, another new year is in 3ISH MONTHS…WHAT???), i made some new year’s resolutions and i actually stuck to them. it’s funny – i think i just assumed i would never stick to new year’s resolutions because i always see things on instagram or memes about no one ever doing theirs so i have never tried! #thatsdumb

i kept my resolutions simple and small with a quote to tie them together so i could easily remember them. my 2016 goal overall is to minimize comparison so as to eliminate jealousy. but more on that in three and a half months when i do a wrap-up on what i’ve learned in 2016…

i often talk about goals and dreams, etc etc but i have a hard time actually remembering what those are. for example, i have this “bucket list” i often refer to but i couldn’t tell you what’s on my bucket list because it doesn’t really exist anywhere on paper – ya know what i mean?

SOOOO to keep myself accountable for 23 being a rockstar year, i wrote a list of 23 things i want to do by august 5, 2017. if it worked for 2016, i figure it’ll work for 23 too. i have a private list of a few more personal ones but these are quantifiable and i can physically check them off my list as they are completed which i am ALL about.

anywho, you can follow along as i try to cross them all off over the next 10.5 months!

ps the bold numbers are ones i have already completed!;)

  1. visit new york
  2. make my own ice cream (holiday flavored? i am thinking pumpkin or cinnamon…or both…)
  3. (finally) buy glasses i love to wear (for once in my darn life)
  4. go on a road trip to an outdoorsy location (to vitalia: insert yourself here)
  5. shoot an engagement photography session
  6. spend intentional time with Him everyday for at least 15 minutes
  7. bake a cake for no reason and top it with flowers
  8. launch a blog 
  9. read one self-development book per month
  10. make plans to travel internationally either in year 23 or 24
  11. go to confession once a month
  12. go home to colorado and visit my brother
  13. go thrift shopping at least once a season
  14. make a terrarium
  15. learn how to transfer my writing onto the computer to make my own lettering
  16. make a desktop background to share
  17. design a mock-up for a planner (this is a serious pipe dream of mine)
  18. make a diy holiday wrapping paper post
  19. shoot a family photography session
  20. schedule a wedding as the main photographer
  21. use first names whenever possible (grocery store, flight attendants, the homeless, etc.) to promote dignity of life
  22. volunteer at least three times (more would be great!!!)
  23. get 5,000 followers on my instagram account


a few tips for those of you who want to make a list for yourself: keep it manageable, post it in a place where you’ll frequently see it and make each item something quantifiable. for example, instead of “read more” you can do “read 3 books every month”, etc.

23 has already been challenging and blessed. i feel like this is the year that god is just completely breaking me down to build me into something better because i am being tested and am reevaluating so much of what is important to me – which of course includes all of you!:)

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