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fri-yay ten: iphone cases

tell me you don’t love a fresh new iPhone case and i will most certainly not believe you.

if you follow me on snap chat (@ania.sullivan), you saw my reaaaally long story yesterday about my realization that i replace things way too often that are neither broken nor entirely used.


planners (first time finishing one will be this december)



….and iPhone cases!!

so i did a little experiment with myself and told myself that i could not buy one until it broke. AND IT FINALLY BROKE! i should not be this excited seeing as though i now i have to buy a new one but i haven’t loved how my clear one has become so gross looking so HELLO FRESH CASE WAZZUPPPPP.

i research phone cases all the darn time so here’s my top contenders for this week’s fri-yay ten:

1 | i have a veryyyyy strong attachment to marble lately so this decal + case is quite tempting

2 | sonix has the best cases for whimsical little graphics – can you not with these cute cacti?

3 | still obsessing over ferns so this one is not leaf-ing the contest anytime soon

4 | okay so i love this leather madewell case but the reviews are very mixed as far as quality? anyone have experience?

5 | and then there’s a leather one at j crew….

6 | and on apple’s store website….

6 | all white everything. as simple as this case is, i REALLY like it. #helpmehelpmyself

7 | if rifle paper co has a version, it will ALWAYS be a contender. this floral case speaks sweet nothings to my soul.

8 | oh no i found more marble – and it comes with a screen protector. it’s like stumbling upon gold in the wild west. EXCEPT BETTER.

9 | i had a clear case this time around and i am not opposed to all clear errythingggg again? however it does tend to look a bit worn after awhile…

10 | this is just gorgeous. blue floral watercolors for my phone??! maybe yes.


snap me your favs! making a decision by sunday so stay tuned for which i choose if you care in the slightest! 😉

vibed to believe by mumford and sons while writing.

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