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fri-yay ten: xavi style

SORRY THIS IS LATE! but i had it in my head to have a fri-yay ten of xavier photos since i am here visiting him.

and guess who’s delivering?

THIS GIRL. or should i say, this aunt? 😉

introducing fri-yay ten starring xavier joseph, my sweet 4-month old nephew!! (complete with captions of course.)

1 | when bae wants to hold your singular finger between his two fingers because that’s OF COURSE the most natural way to hold hands…


2 | pillowtalk


3 | remind me never to buy toys for my kids. all he wants to do is hold my hands and feet


4 | when someone tells you what they got at Ted Drewe’s


5 | when you see someone trying to steal yo girl…


6| …and then you remember how good-looking you are…


7 | …and lol to yourself about that fleeting lack of confidence in your charm


8 | when your aunt wants to kiss you but you’re not having it


9 | friday at 3 pm:


10 | friday at 5 pm:



wishing you all a weekend of rest and snuggles! 🙂

vibed to the sound of xavier’s coos while writing this #heaven


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