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any idea what the insta follows are this week…?????





okay so i understand that many of you are not as fascinated and interested in photography as i am. however, i would be remiss (props to my vocab right there) if i didn’t include insta follows for photography because they make my feed prettier, inspire me to be bold + creative, and renew my awe of the beautiful world He created for us.

this was V E R Y hard for me. i have sososososo many i love. but if i HAD to narrow it down to 10, this would be it (ps this includes wedding photographers!):

1 | india earl: she is amazing. honestly unreal. like i have subscribed to her photography blog to be updated continuously. her use of contrast and the moodiness of the photos is actually quite hard to achieve because you have to have a way of making people feel comfortable enough to be intimately close while you’re behind the camera. also she’s just a rad human. and young. and bold. #bosslady


2 & 3 | lauren wells & cambria grace: i feel like i could be friends with lauren and cambria on the realz. they have a similar eye for small details as i do, have similar style and love good food + travel. they just seem so normal and i love them for it! also they’re friends in real life and do branding together for companies which HELLO DREAM JOB.



4 | heather goodman: she lives in hawaii. end of claim to follow her.


5 | jaci carlson smith: this is actually her personal account, not her photography account, but it’s just beautiful so what the hoot. she has a really beautiful aesthetic and is constantly pumping out really creative material. alsooooo she just went to Bali. brb crying.


6 | tessa barton: she slays. her personal account LITERALLY IS LIT but this is photog account. she is tremendously talented. she does a lot of collabs with free people and urban outfitters while i look on with heart eyes.


7 | jenna kutcher: if you need someone who is just a real, genuine human – follow jenna. she loves to empower women, is SO kind and does AMAZING wedding photography. she started from the bottom and worked her way to one of the best.


8 | lauren scotti: she has this really beautiful editing technique that’s full of warm colors, browns, whites and greens. her feed is gorgeous and she seems so nice!!!


9 | elise trattner: this is actually one of my sister’s friends from college and i just really love her work (and her, of couuuurssseeeee). she has such clear photos and lives in the PNW which makes me miss + love that area of the country so much. she deserves recognition because she’s super gucci.


10 | lucy rose laucht: i am annoyed that lucy is at the bottom of this list on accident because i am so obsessed with her. (yes, i realize i could just copy and paste but #lazy 😉 her account makes me want to be a better photographer. she has epic style and travels all over and just seems like this fun, kind, adventurous soul GAHHHH I WANT TO BE HER PROTEGÉ.



hope you find some beauty and inspiration in these accounts!:)

vibed to there’s a girl by trent harmon while writing.

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