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ania elizabeth is live – pop the bubbly!

August 7, 2016

jk i live at home with my parents, there is no bubbly – ginger tea will have to do. ūüėČ

i have dreamt of having a lifestyle blog for all my thoughts, photography + style tips for a g e s AND HERE WE ARE!  i want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why i created ania elizabeth + my plans for this spot on the worldwide web.

so first things first: on – yuh is yo girl’s name. it stresses me out when i don’t know how to properly pronounce someone’s name so let’s clear that up.

i love the lord and will always post a verse of the week on the right. my favorite color is white. i would describe my style as¬†fresh, detailed + flow-y. my go to outfit is a simple dress with my birkenstocks. if i could only shop at five stores for the rest of my life, i would choose free people, nordstrom, anthropologie, steve madden and trader joe’s. i could eat ice cream, sweet potato fries and gummy candy til the cows come home. i love¬†editing photos and listening to people. i want to see more of the world; on my list right now are: greece, iceland and nashville. my favorite time of the day is that dreamy golden hour in the evening. oh, and i love to read – yay for book reviews! wait, let’s have a book club. AHHH the limit does not exist in my brain for fun things we can do together!

i recently graduated from saint louis university with degrees in communications (pr + advertising) and french. i grew up in seattle¬†and then moved to denver for middle + high school. my parents moved to albuquerque two weeks before i went away to st. louis for school and then moved AGAIN to fresno, ca about a year ago! i call it the frez for short. you should know i love abbreviations. they’re amaze. anywho, i have lived in 5 houses and 5 residence halls/apartments across 5 states. i think that’s why i could make friends with a brick wall. hellooooo new kid status!

if you see french here and there, it stems from my deep love for that country of pda, chic fashion and wine that’s cheaper than water. i spent 10 months living in lyon, france during my junior year at university. i was completely immersed in the culture, language and delicious food while living with a host family sent from god. but that’s a (long) story for another time! i also picked up some british lingo from my gal pals so yes, i do often call vacation, “holiday” and abbreviate university to “uni.” we’ll talk about my london fever another time.

i created ania elizabeth because i need a creative outlet. while i was living abroad, i had a travel blog and received a lot of¬†positive feedback. i wasn’t expecting for anything more than my parents to read it and i especially wasn’t expecting my friends + family (and some strangers!) to ask for more once i returned to the states. someone even told me they missed reading it?! who, moi??

i have been sitting on this idea of a blog for a l o n g time but i am sick of waiting for the perfect time because it’ll never come! i am sure there will be changes to this place, like a fancy header or content under all the other categories for starters, but for now, it is¬†perfectly imperfect to me.

to be completely honest, i am scared that i won’t feel fulfilled in some 9-5 job and i will lose this creative, writing-obsessed, camera-in-hand part of myself i love so much. so i decided to be proactive and have ania elizabeth to keep the juices flowing. my season of life right now is quite all over the place as i live at home and look for jobs while working retail part-time so i want, actually NEED, somewhere i can come and create.

here you can expect to find my travel, style + beauty tips, and my passion for good food as well as reflections on growing up and faith shared among many other posts Рi have so many ideas! i want to do some practical posts such as how to travel on a budget and life hacks but i will definitely be chatting about this post grad craziness, my obsession with nail polish, creating recipes and lots in-between. i began doing professional photography in spring 2016 so i will also be sharing photo shoots that i do here as well!

i have big dreams for this little spot but if i have learned anything from photography, i have learned that creative outlets can’t be for any purpose other than to bring yourself joy otherwise you’ll get burned out so quick. so i am not doing this to get crazy sponsorships¬†– i am doing this because creators gonna create. anything more is just a bonus.

i am so happy to have you here. honestly. at some point i might have a newsletter or subscription but until then, you can add me to your Feedly or bookmarks if you’d like to follow¬†along! as of now, i will be posting new content mwf. AND trader joe’s tuesdays are now a thing and it’s happening tomorrow for the first time. thank me later. you can stalk me on my socials to the right, to the right, to the right.

if you remember nothing else about me from this post, remember this: i am normal. SO normal. i don’t have some crazy famous uncle or thousands of dollas in the bank or have it all figured out.¬†i have days where i don’t want to get out of bed. i have days where i think i could be the next beyonc√©. i want to create a life i love. i want to be happy and feel comfortable in my own skin and be healthy so i can run after my kids one day. i feel like these are things¬†a lot of twenty somethings think and feel so all i am saying is that this might not be the spot for you if you want to know what gucci purse¬†to buy. this is the spot for you if you want to hear from a real gal with a big heart who writes these blog posts from the desk in her parents’ bedroom or the starbucks down the street. or her bed. #glam

wow. i am so happy! god is good!¬†i guess what they say is true: it seems impossible until it’s done. maybe this will encourage one of you to be bold and just do the darn thing, whatever that may be for you! it feels pretty freaking great.

cheers to you for making it to the end. ūüėČ i made a commitment to do this for one year and then reassess. so here it goes!

see you tomorrow! #traderjoestuesdays #TJforpresident



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