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does the title make me look like i’m married to harry styles? yeah? okay, i’ll leave it then.;)

i am so excited to do my first style post today! *dancing girl emoji* i love fashion but even more than that, i love the styling aspect. working with my hands on anything from styling outfits to photos is one of my favorite hobbies. i would lurve to be a personal stylist – i have been known to go shopping for my friends and i love assisting customers at anthropologie where i work. i have always been on a tight budget so you can expect me to be prettyyyyyy critical of everything i buy. okay? okay.

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shorts: marrakech for anthropologie // top: topshop – similar here and here

i bought these shorts at anthropologie a week ago (AND NOW THEY ARE ON SALE FOR YOU ALL TO ENJOY) and have been l o v i n g them ever since. i love summer shorts like these – flowy and comfortable. it’s always an added bonus when they have a bit of embroidery and pockets.;)

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confession: i have actually never found a pair of jean shorts i love. the high-waisted style makes me look a tad inappropriate because my daddy-long-legs are splayed everywhere, the itty bitty shorts from A&F don’t quiiiite cover my tush and then you have the lovely bermuda jean short that make me look like some sort of vogue rugby player. i am in awe of women who look good in those. teach me your long-short ways. so i have just kind of given up on them (for now) and wear my trusty jean skirt instead.

i tend to veer towards ‘soft’ shorts as an alternative!! i love these in particular because they’re a high quality material and they aren’t tight at all on my waist. also, i have always loved marrakech‘s products at anthro.

have you ever tried on soft shorts and they have a SUPER tight elastic waistband and you’re like “okay if i wanted to wear tight pants i would just do that but no thank you, i want to have the comfortability of a pair of athletic shorts with the look of something from urban outfitters”??

these shorts = that dream.

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i feel like my love for off-shoulder tops will have to be saved for another post because my heart eyes for exposed shoulders deserves its own space to shine. i paired these loose-ish shorts with this flow-y top to get that perfect amount of twirling fun. the shorts aren’t quite high enough for me to tuck something in (long torso problem) so i prefer a shirt over them.

also, they’re a great length! i am about 5′ 9″ for reference and these shorts are just shy of my fingertips!

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i did a little browsing for more soft shorts and found so many cute ones! this satin pair from urban outfitters comes in two gorgeous colors (also i guess i did something right with my outfit #twinning), i love the embroidery on this red pair from h&m and these madewell shorts are on sale!

ps i actually am not super comfortable in front of the camera so excuse my awkwardness. i prefer to be on the other side of the lens most of the time but i am getting better at not being so self-critical and i suppose i must if i am going to do style posts.;)

is there a trend you’d like me to break down? i am currently exploring fall trends and on the list are bomber jackets, girlfriend jeans and white tennis shoes because one can never have too many of those. 😉 requests are always welcome! i’d love to do personal styling or shopping for free!

**also photog credit to mama sullivan. i wish i could have recorded her handling my camera – it was both hysterical and terrifying. manyyyy of them were blurry shots zoomed in on my face. #moms 😉

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