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instafollow: food + drink

have you ever heard someone say that they hate Instagram because all they see are perfectly curated lives, plates of food or bodies?

okay so quick confession: this is one of my biggest pet peeves. and not because that isn’t true – because it totally is! something you must ingrain into your mind is that a lot of those photos of mothers frolicking in grassy meadows with their chiseled husbands and cheery children are shot by professionals on s u p e r nice cameras. these people do it for a living so of course it’s going to look splendid! if my income was off a fitness account on IG, i’d be hitting the gym twice daily too!

i think the reason i don’t completely understand that complaint is that no one is forcing you to follow those accounts that make you feel insecure! UNFOLLOW THEM! i go through the people i follow on IG at the beginning of every month and just clear out accounts right and left. either their content isn’t something i love or i just get too jealous seeing those photos. i have no problem unfollowing people because 1. they probably will never know and 2. refer to previous.

instagram should be fun and full of photos that inspire you, make you laugh or make you drool…

…speaking of drooling! i am starting a little series over here called “instafollow” where i’ll be posting my favorite accounts that you should def follow instantly. i love going on instagram because i feel like i have really refined my feed to some of the best!

this week will be focused on food + drink accounts but there will be others! i think i will probably do six (ish) categories for the next six weeks on mondays with them being: lifestyle, photography, wedding, food/drink, fashion and accounts with some religious aspect whether it’s the author of a book, an online christian magazine or just someone who loves the Lord loudly on their IG. because praise hands for praise hands on social media, can i get an amen?!

these foodie accounts are actual cooks. so this is not some account of random food photos that they find on the interwebs. these boss ladies create the recipes and run these accounts off their own imagination. and thank goodness they do! 😉

1 | broma bakery : she is one of my favs for sureeee. i appreciate her photography skills and also, she’s so personable on snap chat. YES FOLLOW FOOD BLOGGERS ON SNAP CHAT. honestly will do so much good for you and your meal inspiration. also foodie people are the best people.

my roomie made her sea salted olive oil chocolate chip cookies last year and they were warm for me when i got home one saturday night. i thought i was dreaming but no, it was just heaven on earth.


2 | How Sweet Eats : if you don’t fall for jessica’s cooking, you’ll fall hard and fast for her tiny, red-headed son. she has also started to do more videos on her IG so as if i needed another reason to be obsessed with her, here i am – obsessed. she also does some other posts on her blog, like beauty product recs (nothing sponsored, just her opinion) and i love that she adds that in!

she also has my taste in alcoholic beverages aka lets put loads of fruit in them. think: blueberry mojitos with lavender syrup. i mean COME ONNNN. i could swim in a vat of that.


3| Half Baked Harvest : her food combos make me go crazy. she is INSANELY good at putting things together and leaving you wondering how you never thought of that. also, she makes full recipes on her snap chat, start to finish, and i LIVE for them. go follow her immediately @hbharvest.


4 | Smitten Kitchen : again epic. i don’t know how much more glam things i can say about these foodies…i just love food accounts so so much….


5 | Bev Cooks : she. is. so. funny. i. cannot. deal. also her twins ARE SO CUTE GAHHH. my mom really digs her recipes so that’s gotta be a sign of something great ya know what i mean.


6 | Ambitious Kitchen : i love her because her recipes are healthy and she is rad. nothing that you’d have to go to the ends of the earth to find the ingredients for. do you know what i mean though? sometimes these food bloggers are like “then harvest one quart of goat’s milk mixed with berries found only in Norway” and you’re like okay, no, i will eat PB&J instead.


7 | The Kitchn : okay so the real moment i fell in love with this account was when i made her sticky lemon rolls with lemon cream cheese glaze for my sister’s baby shower and i thought that my calling was to make them for the rest of my life. they were INSANE. i can’t even think about them anymore right now. i have all the heart eyes for this account.


8 | Pinch of Yum : okay so i’ve loved this account for a while but now that she’s doing more videos, i am almost an addict. almost…


9 | Against All Grain : danielle is a BOSS. she has some diet restrictions so her recipes are all grain-free. she is also just an all-around great human and keeps it real. her cookbooks are like works of art.


10 | Minimalist Baker : all of Dana’s recipes are 10 ingredients or less AND most gf which was a great bonus for me before i found out i wasn’t allergic to gluten. BUT her recipes are nonetheless so follow away!



okay i am cutting myself off at ten otherwise this post will be a novel. do you have any favorites that i should follow?! comment below! i love foodie accounts so the more, the merrier!


vibed to the sound of my parents’ movie next door while writing this. #livingathome 😉

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