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the fri-yay ten

back at it again with the ten best of the week.

1 | my good pal sonya sent me this article about why sunflowers turn to follow the sun. maybe i’m a weirdo that loves reading about flowers but maybe you are too?!!

2 | jenna and i have decided we need this sweatshirt. might start a petition to have topshop lower the price.

3 | alsooooo i have been recently obsessed with the chainsmokers and this song has been on repeat for 48 hours straight. it makes me feel 10x cooler than i probably really am. but where do i listen to this new album everyone is talking about?!?! halp.

4 | you all lurved my post about the breakfast bowls i have been making all summer – snap me a pic @ania.sullivan on snap chat if you make one! i have been brainstorming fun recipes to share with you guys and top of the list are those stuffed green peppers i made on snap chat two weeks ago. stay tuuuuuuned.

5 | this sale on jeans is happening for a limited time! i have a pair of these black jeans that i bought in san fran when i was too broke to buy a pair of designer jeans and was v impressed.

6 | my mom couldn’t eat cashews (her fav snack) before her surgery last week so she tried to assimilate them through her nostril as a joke. just please picture that and lol to yourself.

7 | i tried coconut on my breakfast bowl and was VERY into it. but here’s the thing: a cup of coconut flakes is 200 calories. like WHAT?! so i did some measuring and did the math for you to find out a reasonable proportion for my bowl without selling my soul to coconut. my result is 1 teaspoon = 25 cals ish = perfect for a topping on anything! i love those little white flakes but i also do not have the metabolism of my middle school self anymore amirighttttt


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8 | if you haven’t seen Nike’s commercial with this nun, you are missing out big time. i watch it at least once a day. #sistergoals

9 | ben rector continues to be one of my fav artists. i have seen him twice in concert and would go see him a million times more. watch his new ‘music video’ and let your heart be pierced my friends.

10 | starting to edit photos from a little shoot i did of three besties in san diego. and i booked my first engagement shoot. baby steps are just as good, people. tell yourself that if you’re not seeing fast enough results in something!!! i am constantly.

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happy weekend! i shall be drafting my first style post for you all so get pumped. eeeeeeek not used to seeing myself on the other end of the camera so much!!!


vibed to Closer by The Chainsmokers obviouslyyyyy

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