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5 minute yogurt breakfast bowls

earlier this summer i went to the doctor because my stomach problems were not getting any better regardless of the diet changes i had been making. after a LOT of tests, she found out i am allergic to wheat, egg whites, most nuts and soy. *eye roll emoji*

after being very angsty for an afternoon and dramatically announcing i couldn’t live without almond milk, i accepted it and started to meal plan with my mom. the meal giving me the most stress was breakfast because i eat eggs literally everyday for breakfast.

the best breakfast i could find that i could eat were acai bowls. i tried them for the first time in san diego and i was s m i t t e n. the only problem is that if you wake up earlier than your roommate, have small children that are sleeping or for any other reason cannot make a LOT of noise blending the smoothie part in the morning, they are a little high maintenance.

so i invented my own version that are less expensive (i can’t see myself regularly ordering acai on the internet at this point in my life) and so simple to make. also they are very instagram worthy – tag me if you make your own and post a pic. i would love to see new topping combos!

i just use oats (creates a nice texture but you must use my ratios below #trustme), yogurt and whatever toppings i find around my kitchen.

i snap chat the different combos i make (@ania.sullivan) quite regularly and get so many heart eyes emojis that i knew i had to share my secrets – even thought there really aren’t any!

from my kitchen to yours, here are my four go-to yogurt bowl recipes that take less than five minutes to make.

you will need:

  • 1/8 cup bob’s red mill rolled oats* (they are processed in a facility with wheat and soy products but my allergies are not that severe – just for you to know if yours are!)
  • toppings
  • 1 cup plain yogurt. i repeat PLAIN yogurt. trust me on this one. i haaaaated plain yogurt before i started making these bowls because let’s be honest, it tastes like sweeter sour cream. but i am a changed woman. the plain yogurt will be sweetened by the fruit AND you’ll keep those pesky sugars in check.
  • an appetite;)

* i know this seems minuscule but i promise you that it is the perfect ratio to one cup of yogurt + your toppings. also, your bag will last longer (#budgetfriendly) and your bowl will stay under 250-300 calories even with the yogurt and fruit/other toppings!

midsummer morning cali farm peach bowl 

^ title courtesy of mama sullivan.

this is a double whammy of deliciousness because you can eat the grilled peaches the night before for dessert and then save one for your breakfast bowl the following morning. #winnerwinnerpeachdinner

i was making this one morning half asleep and my mom ran out to the garden for some mint to add. it was diviiiiiiine. she is getting very into my blog – she even went to TJ Maxx today to buy me special white bowls for my food photos. 😉 #instamoms

this bowl is plain yogurt topped with one grilled peach, one sprig of mint, a few shakes of cinnamon and rolled oats! if you want to substitute honey for the mint, that is SUPER yummy too!! of course you can also sub non-grilled peaches as well.

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blueberry banana bonanza

the creaminess of the banana pairs so well with the subtleness of the berries + the creamy yogurt. swoon.

just take the plain yogurt, plop it down, and top with 3 tablespoons of blueberries and slice half of a banana on top!

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nectarine craisin shocker

okay so the reason i call this a shocker is because it took me by surprise how good this experiment turned out. this is probably my fav one. the combo of the chewiness of the craisins, the tart sweetness of the nectarines and then the neutral yogurt and oat IS MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD. i made this one everyday until we ran out of nectarines. you could definitely substitute a peach and add other dried fruit such as dried apricot or mango!

to make this bowl, you top the plain yogurt with one sliced nectarine, a tablespoon of craisins and the rolled oats. y u m.

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red, white + blueberry

because the olympics have me feeling some type of way, i made a bowl inspired by my love for simone biles.

just take your plain yogurt and top it with 3 tablespoons of blueberries, 4 sliced strawberries and yo rolled oats.

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other topping ideas: chocolate chips, peanut butter, granola, coconut flakes, jam, nutella – you name it!

do you have other topping ideas? do you think you’ll make one?! let me know what you think of my first food post! 🙂


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    1. ania elizabeth Post author

      i honestly just started grinning like a fool that you commented on one of my blog posts!!! 🙂 yes, three cheers for grilled peaches! late summer fruits are the best.

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