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the prettiest tech backgrounds in all the land

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

confession time: there is just something about a new background that gets my little heart thumping. it makes me feel like i have it together, they’re free and there are SO MANY.

i go between using one of my own photos as a background for my computer or phone and using a professional design. over the years i have a few spots on the web that i go to for a good background that never fail! today i have linked below some of my favorites because after the doozy of last week, i am dreaming about the moment i can crawl in bed tonight.

also i miss jojo on mondays – anyone else? or do i miss chase…

anywho, here is a round-up that’ll leave your computer looking super fly, no lie.

for the screensaver pictured above which might be one of the best discoveries of my life to date, you just go here, download it and then it’ll come up in your screensavers! it was a little finicky for me but just try a couple of times.:)

click here for a dreamy blue floral background from one of my favorite bloggers which happens to be my current background

design love fest is my go-to for desktop backgrounds. there are literally THOUSANDS. one time i scrolled wayyyyyyy back and it was 100% worth it. and by one time i mean when i did it for your benefit. πŸ˜‰

all. the. ferns. and. cacti.

all the desert-y feels coming right up.

the play on t swift lyric got my heart THUMPING naaaaturally

for all my floral lovin’ ladies

the tip tops of those trees make me want to move back to denver

if you need a pep talk every time you open your phone/computer

i had the strawberries for all of the miserable months of cold weather in spring in MO πŸ˜‰

okay also all the praise hands toΒ shannon kirsten. she is so stinkin’ talented and deserves all the things. she makes a monthly desktop and i genuinely stalk her account until she posts them. weird of me? cool? yolo.

this was her august desktop background. LIKE WHAT?! swwooooooonnnnn.

also love ashlee proffitt’s backgrounds because sometimes you just need a crisp white computer background when your life is crumbling around you. ya feeeeel?

like don’t these just make you feel more zen?


hope this makes your day a little more beautiful. it’s free and easy – what more do you need on a monday?

i would love to hear if you have any favorites! i am always looking for something so fresh, so clean – comment if you do, pretty please! πŸ™‚


p.s. thank you to everyone who has been asking about my mom! she is home from the hospital and is recovering slowly but surely! prayers are appreciated! thank you, thank you.

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