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the fri-yay ten

Second edition of ‘the fri-yay ten’ and guess who’s the star of the show…

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so my Fri-yay ten looks a little something like this:

  1. My mom is healthy.
  2. My mom had the mass completely removed.
  3. My mom had an awesome surgeon.
  4. My mom is at a top-notch hospital.
  5. My mom was able to have a laparoscopic surgery which means an easier, faster recovery.
  6. My mom and I felt the anxiety from the last two months lifted last night.
  7. My mom’s nurses are so sweet.
  8. Our prayers were heard.
  9. Our prayers WERE ANSWERED. 🙂
  10. My mom rocks and we’ll be able to snuggle at home (most likely) tonight.

Realizing this summer more than ever that the things you need in life aren’t things.

Happy Friday – I am so thankful for all of your prayers! She will be in pain as she recovers but we’re so glad the worst wait of our lives is over.

He is faithful.

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