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the fri-yay ten

hi hi!

so i am starting a little series for le blog. it’s called the fri-yay ten. i will just share a hodgepodge of my fav ten things or questions i have for you from the week. okay? okay.

1 | i started work this week at Anthropologie!

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i worked at the one in albuquerque when we lived there and i genuinely missed it. i had been working at Old Navy this summer but Anthropologie just hired for the fall and I was one of the lucky chosen to work at the Fresno location! yes, it’s just a retail position but for me, it’s so much more! i feel alive at Anthro and they value so many parts of me that i don’t share with other jobs i have had. i would love to work for URBN (the company that owns BHLDN, Terrain, Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters) one day so i am grateful for this little stepping stone! 🙂

2 | i am obsessed with this Conor kid‘s music. his covers are changing my work life. i have contributed to so many of the views on this video. and this one. okay I’m done. (not at all)

3 | my fav shoes, these neutral birkenstocks, are not reeeallly work appropriate. i realized while getting dressed for work that i got rid of most of my shoes when i left STL. do you all have any simple, flat sandal suggestions? i want nude/chestnut. something like this. advise me in the comments if you pleaaaaase.

4 | i want one of these boards SO DARN BAD. but they’re rather expensive. maybe i’ll gift myself one when i finally move out? or make one? like how epic is this. AND HOW CUTE IS THIS.

5 | my new thing is marble. i just love it and want more of it. i want this for my laptop that i saw on Anna’s laptop from In Honor of Design. next paycheck, where are youuuuuuu…

6 | i need glasses. has anyone done the Warby Parker home try-on or have favs for WP? or another glasses company? the last pair i have is this icy gray pair from ’07.

7| i just realized ’07 was nine years ago……….

8 | i got paints for myself because literally yolo. i am not a pro but i would love to one day create desktop backgrounds for you all! like little cacti or a fun quote?! so i am practicing.

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9 |  i have watched this commercial every time i feel like quitting since i found it. it’s amazing for motivation. hard work makes the dream work. then i watched this one and got emotional. still sippin’ on that olympics kool aid.

10 | my mom found this workout tank in light gray for me on the sale rack at Target since i am m.e.l.t.i.n.g. in this cali heat. i have not taken it off since she gave it to me. i sized up one size to medium and it’s PERFECTLY LOOSE. like length, color, material, EVERYTHING. and so cheap. you can’t order them online (not okay) so hurryyyyy over to a store. it’s right on target. (GET IT?!?!)

have a wonderful weekend! i have no plans per usual so i will be creating loads of content for you all and applying to jobs. #swag

p.s. i have a good post coming monday. get pumped.

listened to this while writing.

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