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please tell me you caught my women’s gymnastics reference. i am s w i m m i n g in olympics kool aid.

okay back to business. earlier this summer, i was talking to my friend sarah about my blog and within minutes, she goes “oh, and can you do a post on planners? i want the best one and i know you’re into that kind of stuff.”

cue hand out diva emoji.

i spend hours searching for that little book i will carry around for the next 12-18 months. i read reviews. i zoom in on the font. i think about photogenic-ness. i wonder if i should support a small business or cave to a mass producer. i wait, poised above the first crisp page with my heart thudding. i act like an all-around crazy person. but this is real, this is me. i LOVE paper goods. and planners take the gold.

so today i am doling out the results of eight years of planner research. oh, and these are not in order of my favorite to least favorite. enjoy!

THE DAY DESIGNER: the Flagship Edition is an over planner’s dream. funny story about the Day Designer: i ordered it and then threw it away a week later. reason? there isn’t a weekly page view. i am a super visual person and i like to see my whole week laid out in front of me. this planner is designed for those who want to break down their days by the hour, have a month visual and make the most of their time. i would recommend this for those with schedules that differ week-to-week, day-to-day or students who want to plan out every hour of the day to stay sane otherwise you’ll be writing the same 9-5 block on every day! i had the same school/work/study rhythm every week so it just didn’t make sense for me. there’s also daily quotes, a top three to do list and the quality is worth the higher price point. 98% sure that cover is bullet proof.

THE SIMPLIFIED PLANNER*: same as above, the daily edition is all about the day-to-day planner people. i have almost purchased this one about 4827 times but my planner technicallyyyyy goes until december and i am trying to be more conscious of what i need vs. want. so the pineapples have to wait. i love that she also has weekly editions as well. naturally i have almost bought this one too. #allthewhite for ania. emily ley started from humble beginnings AND wrote a book – oh and she’s a mom of three. gosh, i love a good mompreneur. and some patterns are on sale now which never happens!

THE HAPPY BALANCE PLANNER: this is like the two above with a little more wiggle room. it is another daily view planner but also has space for weekly and monthly goals which i am a HUGE fan of. also there’s just more blank space which the doodler in me appreciates. there’s also a nice chunk of lines for a daily to do list so you can kiss those sticky notes good-bye. i’d say this is for the gal who wants to plan her days but also wants space for weekly and monthly goals.

RIFLE PAPER CO: to preface this, i am mad for rifle paper co. some people have their favorite sports teams or starbucks drink – i have my favorite paper goods company. to each their own. i love rifle paper co’s planners because they have a classic size (which my sister had and easily fit into a purse/tote), a large size and hardcover agendas that make my book nerd soul sing. they have monthly and weekly views and they win gold with the best cover designs. one thing: my sister had the classic size and it is not quiiiiiite as sturdy as others we’ve purchased. if you’re post grad and need something to have on your desk and throw in your tote, perfect. if you want to shove this work of art to the bottom of your north face backpack, maybe not so much.

KATE SPADE: these planners are very comparable to the rifle paper co’s and the rest of this list as they have weekly/monthly views. i would say they have the same sturdiness as the rifle paper planners but their illustrations are a bit more chic and polished. i really, really love this one. good quality, great layout.

BAND.DO: i have this planner in large right now and i love it. i like having a weekly lay out, the spiral/cover have held up really well and the size is great. the blocks of space for everyday are spacious enough that i can write lots in one day, even having space for a to do list. #priorities these planners have illustrations that are funky fresh so i am a little turned off by the neon colors currently, but they are really great quality, let me tell ya!

LILLY PULITZER: i had this planner in size medium/large for all of high school and it. was. everything. the honest reason that i don’t have it now is that i don’t vibe with lilly’s prints anymore. i love them on anyone else but i can’t do it anymore. i know, i know – this is all very tragic. anyways, they hold up GREAT and the jumbo is really just a dream – it’s huge and spacious and the weekly views have room for everything you want to jot down! they are fun, flirty and perfect for a planner newbie. 😉

PAPER SOURCE: they have more subtle designs for weekly layout planners! i love the more minimalist look of this one and this one. they are sturdy, at a good price point and don’t have many bells or whistles which is sometimes refreshing!

planners might seem trivial or materialistic but i think a good one can completely change the game. make it fun! i go through at the beginning of the year and write out all my friends’ birthdays with a reminder two weeks ahead so i can send them snail mail on time. i track mother nature on the monthly view which is ENORMOUSLY helpful. (“oh, wait i’m probably about to get my…oh dang it, i have no reason to be inhaling this XXXL froyo right now.”) i write down things just to cross them off.

it’s on my bucket list to design a planner one day. but until then, have fun shopping!

vibed to this while writing.

4 thoughts on “the magnificent seven

  1. Anna Caflisch

    Hey girl…I love reading your blog! Check out Erin Condren life planners 🙂 I absolutely LOVE mine!!

    1. ania elizabeth Post author

      i have researched those! didn’t include them because i have never seen one in person but have heard great things!
      thanks for following along – it means a lot to me. 🙂


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