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ania styles: summer shorts

August 31, 2016

does the title make me look like i’m married to harry styles? yeah? okay, i’ll leave it then.;)

i am so excited to do my first style post today! *dancing girl emoji* i love fashion but even more than that, i love the styling aspect. working with my hands on anything from styling outfits to photos is one of my favorite hobbies. i would lurve to be a personal stylist – i have been known to go shopping for my friends and i love assisting customers at anthropologie where i work. i have always been on a tight budget so you can expect me to be prettyyyyyy critical of everything i buy. okay? okay.

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shorts: marrakech for anthropologie // top: topshop – similar here and here

i bought these shorts at anthropologie a week ago (AND NOW THEY ARE ON SALE FOR YOU ALL TO ENJOY) and have been l o v i n g them ever since. i love summer shorts like these – flowy and comfortable. it’s always an added bonus when they have a bit of embroidery and pockets.;)

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confession: i have actually never found a pair of jean shorts i love. the high-waisted style makes me look a tad inappropriate because my daddy-long-legs are splayed everywhere, the itty bitty shorts from A&F don’t quiiiite cover my tush and then you have the lovely bermuda jean short that make me look like some sort of vogue rugby player. i am in awe of women who look good in those. teach me your long-short ways. so i have just kind of given up on them (for now) and wear my trusty jean skirt instead.

i tend to veer towards ‘soft’ shorts as an alternative!! i love these in particular because they’re a high quality material and they aren’t tight at all on my waist. also, i have always loved marrakech‘s products at anthro.

have you ever tried on soft shorts and they have a SUPER tight elastic waistband and you’re like “okay if i wanted to wear tight pants i would just do that but no thank you, i want to have the comfortability of a pair of athletic shorts with the look of something from urban outfitters”??

these shorts = that dream.

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i feel like my love for off-shoulder tops will have to be saved for another post because my heart eyes for exposed shoulders deserves its own space to shine. i paired these loose-ish shorts with this flow-y top to get that perfect amount of twirling fun. the shorts aren’t quite high enough for me to tuck something in (long torso problem) so i prefer a shirt over them.

also, they’re a great length! i am about 5′ 9″ for reference and these shorts are just shy of my fingertips!

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i did a little browsing for more soft shorts and found so many cute ones! this satin pair from urban outfitters comes in two gorgeous colors (also i guess i did something right with my outfit #twinning), i love the embroidery on this red pair from h&m and these madewell shorts are on sale!

ps i actually am not super comfortable in front of the camera so excuse my awkwardness. i prefer to be on the other side of the lens most of the time but i am getting better at not being so self-critical and i suppose i must if i am going to do style posts.;)

is there a trend you’d like me to break down? i am currently exploring fall trends and on the list are bomber jackets, girlfriend jeans and white tennis shoes because one can never have too many of those. 😉 requests are always welcome! i’d love to do personal styling or shopping for free!

**also photog credit to mama sullivan. i wish i could have recorded her handling my camera – it was both hysterical and terrifying. manyyyy of them were blurry shots zoomed in on my face. #moms 😉

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instafollow: food + drink

August 29, 2016

have you ever heard someone say that they hate Instagram because all they see are perfectly curated lives, plates of food or bodies?

okay so quick confession: this is one of my biggest pet peeves. and not because that isn’t true – because it totally is! something you must ingrain into your mind is that a lot of those photos of mothers frolicking in grassy meadows with their chiseled husbands and cheery children are shot by professionals on s u p e r nice cameras. these people do it for a living so of course it’s going to look splendid! if my income was off a fitness account on IG, i’d be hitting the gym twice daily too!

i think the reason i don’t completely understand that complaint is that no one is forcing you to follow those accounts that make you feel insecure! UNFOLLOW THEM! i go through the people i follow on IG at the beginning of every month and just clear out accounts right and left. either their content isn’t something i love or i just get too jealous seeing those photos. i have no problem unfollowing people because 1. they probably will never know and 2. refer to previous.

instagram should be fun and full of photos that inspire you, make you laugh or make you drool…

…speaking of drooling! i am starting a little series over here called “instafollow” where i’ll be posting my favorite accounts that you should def follow instantly. i love going on instagram because i feel like i have really refined my feed to some of the best!

this week will be focused on food + drink accounts but there will be others! i think i will probably do six (ish) categories for the next six weeks on mondays with them being: lifestyle, photography, wedding, food/drink, fashion and accounts with some religious aspect whether it’s the author of a book, an online christian magazine or just someone who loves the Lord loudly on their IG. because praise hands for praise hands on social media, can i get an amen?!

these foodie accounts are actual cooks. so this is not some account of random food photos that they find on the interwebs. these boss ladies create the recipes and run these accounts off their own imagination. and thank goodness they do! 😉

1 | broma bakery : she is one of my favs for sureeee. i appreciate her photography skills and also, she’s so personable on snap chat. YES FOLLOW FOOD BLOGGERS ON SNAP CHAT. honestly will do so much good for you and your meal inspiration. also foodie people are the best people.

my roomie made her sea salted olive oil chocolate chip cookies last year and they were warm for me when i got home one saturday night. i thought i was dreaming but no, it was just heaven on earth.


2 | How Sweet Eats : if you don’t fall for jessica’s cooking, you’ll fall hard and fast for her tiny, red-headed son. she has also started to do more videos on her IG so as if i needed another reason to be obsessed with her, here i am – obsessed. she also does some other posts on her blog, like beauty product recs (nothing sponsored, just her opinion) and i love that she adds that in!

she also has my taste in alcoholic beverages aka lets put loads of fruit in them. think: blueberry mojitos with lavender syrup. i mean COME ONNNN. i could swim in a vat of that.


3| Half Baked Harvest : her food combos make me go crazy. she is INSANELY good at putting things together and leaving you wondering how you never thought of that. also, she makes full recipes on her snap chat, start to finish, and i LIVE for them. go follow her immediately @hbharvest.


4 | Smitten Kitchen : again epic. i don’t know how much more glam things i can say about these foodies…i just love food accounts so so much….


5 | Bev Cooks : she. is. so. funny. i. cannot. deal. also her twins ARE SO CUTE GAHHH. my mom really digs her recipes so that’s gotta be a sign of something great ya know what i mean.


6 | Ambitious Kitchen : i love her because her recipes are healthy and she is rad. nothing that you’d have to go to the ends of the earth to find the ingredients for. do you know what i mean though? sometimes these food bloggers are like “then harvest one quart of goat’s milk mixed with berries found only in Norway” and you’re like okay, no, i will eat PB&J instead.


7 | The Kitchn : okay so the real moment i fell in love with this account was when i made her sticky lemon rolls with lemon cream cheese glaze for my sister’s baby shower and i thought that my calling was to make them for the rest of my life. they were INSANE. i can’t even think about them anymore right now. i have all the heart eyes for this account.


8 | Pinch of Yum : okay so i’ve loved this account for a while but now that she’s doing more videos, i am almost an addict. almost…


9 | Against All Grain : danielle is a BOSS. she has some diet restrictions so her recipes are all grain-free. she is also just an all-around great human and keeps it real. her cookbooks are like works of art.


10 | Minimalist Baker : all of Dana’s recipes are 10 ingredients or less AND most gf which was a great bonus for me before i found out i wasn’t allergic to gluten. BUT her recipes are nonetheless so follow away!



okay i am cutting myself off at ten otherwise this post will be a novel. do you have any favorites that i should follow?! comment below! i love foodie accounts so the more, the merrier!


vibed to the sound of my parents’ movie next door while writing this. #livingathome 😉

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the fri-yay ten

August 26, 2016

back at it again with the ten best of the week.

1 | my good pal sonya sent me this article about why sunflowers turn to follow the sun. maybe i’m a weirdo that loves reading about flowers but maybe you are too?!!

2 | jenna and i have decided we need this sweatshirt. might start a petition to have topshop lower the price.

3 | alsooooo i have been recently obsessed with the chainsmokers and this song has been on repeat for 48 hours straight. it makes me feel 10x cooler than i probably really am. but where do i listen to this new album everyone is talking about?!?! halp.

4 | you all lurved my post about the breakfast bowls i have been making all summer – snap me a pic @ania.sullivan on snap chat if you make one! i have been brainstorming fun recipes to share with you guys and top of the list are those stuffed green peppers i made on snap chat two weeks ago. stay tuuuuuuned.

5 | this sale on jeans is happening for a limited time! i have a pair of these black jeans that i bought in san fran when i was too broke to buy a pair of designer jeans and was v impressed.

6 | my mom couldn’t eat cashews (her fav snack) before her surgery last week so she tried to assimilate them through her nostril as a joke. just please picture that and lol to yourself.

7 | i tried coconut on my breakfast bowl and was VERY into it. but here’s the thing: a cup of coconut flakes is 200 calories. like WHAT?! so i did some measuring and did the math for you to find out a reasonable proportion for my bowl without selling my soul to coconut. my result is 1 teaspoon = 25 cals ish = perfect for a topping on anything! i love those little white flakes but i also do not have the metabolism of my middle school self anymore amirighttttt


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8 | if you haven’t seen Nike’s commercial with this nun, you are missing out big time. i watch it at least once a day. #sistergoals

9 | ben rector continues to be one of my fav artists. i have seen him twice in concert and would go see him a million times more. watch his new ‘music video’ and let your heart be pierced my friends.

10 | starting to edit photos from a little shoot i did of three besties in san diego. and i booked my first engagement shoot. baby steps are just as good, people. tell yourself that if you’re not seeing fast enough results in something!!! i am constantly.

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happy weekend! i shall be drafting my first style post for you all so get pumped. eeeeeeek not used to seeing myself on the other end of the camera so much!!!


vibed to Closer by The Chainsmokers obviouslyyyyy

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5 minute yogurt breakfast bowls

August 24, 2016

earlier this summer i went to the doctor because my stomach problems were not getting any better regardless of the diet changes i had been making. after a LOT of tests, she found out i am allergic to wheat, egg whites, most nuts and soy. *eye roll emoji*

after being very angsty for an afternoon and dramatically announcing i couldn’t live without almond milk, i accepted it and started to meal plan with my mom. the meal giving me the most stress was breakfast because i eat eggs literally everyday for breakfast.

the best breakfast i could find that i could eat were acai bowls. i tried them for the first time in san diego and i was s m i t t e n. the only problem is that if you wake up earlier than your roommate, have small children that are sleeping or for any other reason cannot make a LOT of noise blending the smoothie part in the morning, they are a little high maintenance.

so i invented my own version that are less expensive (i can’t see myself regularly ordering acai on the internet at this point in my life) and so simple to make. also they are very instagram worthy – tag me if you make your own and post a pic. i would love to see new topping combos!

i just use oats (creates a nice texture but you must use my ratios below #trustme), yogurt and whatever toppings i find around my kitchen.

i snap chat the different combos i make (@ania.sullivan) quite regularly and get so many heart eyes emojis that i knew i had to share my secrets – even thought there really aren’t any!

from my kitchen to yours, here are my four go-to yogurt bowl recipes that take less than five minutes to make.

you will need:

  • 1/8 cup bob’s red mill rolled oats* (they are processed in a facility with wheat and soy products but my allergies are not that severe – just for you to know if yours are!)
  • toppings
  • 1 cup plain yogurt. i repeat PLAIN yogurt. trust me on this one. i haaaaated plain yogurt before i started making these bowls because let’s be honest, it tastes like sweeter sour cream. but i am a changed woman. the plain yogurt will be sweetened by the fruit AND you’ll keep those pesky sugars in check.
  • an appetite;)

* i know this seems minuscule but i promise you that it is the perfect ratio to one cup of yogurt + your toppings. also, your bag will last longer (#budgetfriendly) and your bowl will stay under 250-300 calories even with the yogurt and fruit/other toppings!

midsummer morning cali farm peach bowl 

^ title courtesy of mama sullivan.

this is a double whammy of deliciousness because you can eat the grilled peaches the night before for dessert and then save one for your breakfast bowl the following morning. #winnerwinnerpeachdinner

i was making this one morning half asleep and my mom ran out to the garden for some mint to add. it was diviiiiiiine. she is getting very into my blog – she even went to TJ Maxx today to buy me special white bowls for my food photos. 😉 #instamoms

this bowl is plain yogurt topped with one grilled peach, one sprig of mint, a few shakes of cinnamon and rolled oats! if you want to substitute honey for the mint, that is SUPER yummy too!! of course you can also sub non-grilled peaches as well.

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blueberry banana bonanza

the creaminess of the banana pairs so well with the subtleness of the berries + the creamy yogurt. swoon.

just take the plain yogurt, plop it down, and top with 3 tablespoons of blueberries and slice half of a banana on top!

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nectarine craisin shocker

okay so the reason i call this a shocker is because it took me by surprise how good this experiment turned out. this is probably my fav one. the combo of the chewiness of the craisins, the tart sweetness of the nectarines and then the neutral yogurt and oat IS MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD. i made this one everyday until we ran out of nectarines. you could definitely substitute a peach and add other dried fruit such as dried apricot or mango!

to make this bowl, you top the plain yogurt with one sliced nectarine, a tablespoon of craisins and the rolled oats. y u m.

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red, white + blueberry

because the olympics have me feeling some type of way, i made a bowl inspired by my love for simone biles.

just take your plain yogurt and top it with 3 tablespoons of blueberries, 4 sliced strawberries and yo rolled oats.

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other topping ideas: chocolate chips, peanut butter, granola, coconut flakes, jam, nutella – you name it!

do you have other topping ideas? do you think you’ll make one?! let me know what you think of my first food post! 🙂


vibed to May We All by Florida Georgia Line while writing

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the prettiest tech backgrounds in all the land

August 22, 2016

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confession time: there is just something about a new background that gets my little heart thumping. it makes me feel like i have it together, they’re free and there are SO MANY.

i go between using one of my own photos as a background for my computer or phone and using a professional design. over the years i have a few spots on the web that i go to for a good background that never fail! today i have linked below some of my favorites because after the doozy of last week, i am dreaming about the moment i can crawl in bed tonight.

also i miss jojo on mondays – anyone else? or do i miss chase…

anywho, here is a round-up that’ll leave your computer looking super fly, no lie.

for the screensaver pictured above which might be one of the best discoveries of my life to date, you just go here, download it and then it’ll come up in your screensavers! it was a little finicky for me but just try a couple of times.:)

click here for a dreamy blue floral background from one of my favorite bloggers which happens to be my current background

design love fest is my go-to for desktop backgrounds. there are literally THOUSANDS. one time i scrolled wayyyyyyy back and it was 100% worth it. and by one time i mean when i did it for your benefit. 😉

all. the. ferns. and. cacti.

all the desert-y feels coming right up.

the play on t swift lyric got my heart THUMPING naaaaturally

for all my floral lovin’ ladies

the tip tops of those trees make me want to move back to denver

if you need a pep talk every time you open your phone/computer

i had the strawberries for all of the miserable months of cold weather in spring in MO 😉

okay also all the praise hands to shannon kirsten. she is so stinkin’ talented and deserves all the things. she makes a monthly desktop and i genuinely stalk her account until she posts them. weird of me? cool? yolo.

this was her august desktop background. LIKE WHAT?! swwooooooonnnnn.

also love ashlee proffitt’s backgrounds because sometimes you just need a crisp white computer background when your life is crumbling around you. ya feeeeel?

like don’t these just make you feel more zen?


hope this makes your day a little more beautiful. it’s free and easy – what more do you need on a monday?

i would love to hear if you have any favorites! i am always looking for something so fresh, so clean – comment if you do, pretty please! 🙂


p.s. thank you to everyone who has been asking about my mom! she is home from the hospital and is recovering slowly but surely! prayers are appreciated! thank you, thank you.

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the fri-yay ten

August 19, 2016

Second edition of ‘the fri-yay ten’ and guess who’s the star of the show…

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so my Fri-yay ten looks a little something like this:

  1. My mom is healthy.
  2. My mom had the mass completely removed.
  3. My mom had an awesome surgeon.
  4. My mom is at a top-notch hospital.
  5. My mom was able to have a laparoscopic surgery which means an easier, faster recovery.
  6. My mom and I felt the anxiety from the last two months lifted last night.
  7. My mom’s nurses are so sweet.
  8. Our prayers were heard.
  9. Our prayers WERE ANSWERED. 🙂
  10. My mom rocks and we’ll be able to snuggle at home (most likely) tonight.

Realizing this summer more than ever that the things you need in life aren’t things.

Happy Friday – I am so thankful for all of your prayers! She will be in pain as she recovers but we’re so glad the worst wait of our lives is over.

He is faithful.

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travel diary: bass lake, ca

August 17, 2016

(you can now ‘pin’ all my images to Pinterest! yay!!!)

every time we ask people we meet here in fresno what they love about living here, they say that the accessibility to natural beauty is their favorite. fresno itself is an agricultural hub and definitely has a small city vibe with not a lot of city action. although the things to do around town are growing, the attractions nearby are unbeatable.

need to get out of the house every so often and have a little adventure. especially when i spend most of my week in front of a computer or lurking around my house. luckily my parents understand that my camera needs to come out every so often or i go crazy, and they are willing to take day trips with me. #threemusketeers

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this particular weekend, we ventured over to bass lake, about a two hour drive one-way. one thing you should know about me is that i LOVE driving around and listening to good music with the windows down. honestly it’s probably in my top 5 favorite things to do. i make a pretty darn good dj if i do say so myself.

so i cranked up adele, mumford & sons, billy currington … and the ‘rents got into it! mom said, very wisely, “adele has a very beautiful voice.” you heard it hear first, folks! 😉

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we headed out on a small hike but mainly just enjoyed the scenery. there is such a power to nature and even just having a couple hours in the fresh air did wonders on all of us.

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naturally i had my camera slung around my neck and stopped every five seconds to take a photo. the models were quite nice and didn’t care. 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

the lake was so blue and beautiful – it made me miss living in washington like crazy. my basically-twin-sister marea lived on a lake. we were born two days apart, our families went to the same church, we were inseparable at school and out, and i spent probably just as much time at her house as i did at my own. she lived on a lake and now whenever i see one, i am hit with nostalgia for those days of grass covered feet, root beer floats and “snorkeling” for fish.

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i love the lighting in forests. i would love to do an engagement shoot in there. it’s so intimate and the light comes through in the most beautiful, speckle-y way. it makes me wonder if forest fairies exist…

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it was a beautiful day. this summer has been all about taking advantage of small moments of adventure so cruising with my parents listening to good music made all well with my soul.

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vibed to out of the woods by taylor swift while writing.


all photography is my own. i completely don’t mind if you use it for personal use! these images have been gracing my computer desktop quite a few times.

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“maybe it’s not about you”

August 15, 2016

i will probably talk about this little lady a lot on the blog. her name is ilona. she’s fiercely compassionate and would do anything for her fam. we love our polish mama.

bass lake, ca

bass lake, ca

i remember the moment we had this conversation very vividly. i had just cried my eyeballs out and my mom was sitting next to me on the carpet as i did that awful gasping that happens after a good old-fashioned meltdown. she had recently told me the “slim” chance we would be moving to new mexico was no longer slim.

albuquerque was literally the last place in america that i wanted to live. no joke. it was almost funny (except it wasn’t) because my mom and i had talked about places we just weren’t attracted to. top of the list? new mexico.

colorado is amazing and i loved the life we had created there after being uprooted from washington. i didn’t want to go home on college breaks to some adobe hut (that is what i thought we would live in – god bless my teenage self) where i had no friends AND was even farther from my university.

i just remember feeling like i couldn’t see the reasoning behind certain events in my life, especially so many big moves for myself and my family.

this internal struggle has maybe happened to you too. there’s that feeling in your heart that you know everything happens according to His will but then that feeling in your head that tells you to stop being so trusting and that maybe life is just super unfair.

anyways, i couldn’t get a hold on myself and felt so defeated. i had just finished spewing a bunch of helpless, down-on-myself chatter when my mom just drops this truth bomb:

“ania, it’s not always about you.”

i realize that this really isn’t earth-shattering. she wasn’t being rude or condescending. she explained that sometimes things happen in our life and we will never see the clear connection between the dots or feel the direct blessing on us. but that might be because someone else is benefitting from our loss, our heartbreak, our accident. maybe it seems cruel but i think it’s kind of beautiful. and it most definitely has helped me deal with sickness, loss and discouragement.

it’s like this: the doctor that cures your symptoms was able to do that only after learning from a particularly difficult case in which the patient didn’t survive. or you didn’t get accepted into your dream masters program because you would meet the love of your life on the first day of school at your second option. or you move home from college to a blazing hot agriculture hub in california, thinking there could never be a reason for this. but then you realize how available you are for your loved ones who needed your support more than ever this summer.

in our case, we talked about how perhaps we could be the exact person someone else needs. maybe that was why God was taking us out of colorado and placing us in new mexico. maybe it wasn’t about us. maybe it was about someone seven hours away who needed a friend or a confidant.

three years later, my parents moved again. this time to fresno, ca. you might be surprised to hear that this was the hardest move despite them having only lived there for three years.

my parents had slowly fallen for albuquerque. they loved the temperate weather, had made good friends their age, my mom was getting her masters in gardening and it was our favorite house we’ve ever lived in.

you want to know one of the reasons i think it was the hardest move? i think it was because they felt needed. they were dear friends with an elderly man that happened to be a monsignor and held daily mass everyday in his home chapel which my mom and goldendoodle attended. they still talk to him and he’s been the first call many times this summer in times of despair. the single mom across the street appreciated my mom’s listening ear as she balanced a million things and her daughters loved having me come over on school holidays to play with them. the elderly couple who lived to our left were happy to keep bailee as my parents traveled to visit us around the country and the husband appreciated my upbeat mom as he suffered from cancer.

my parents had let themselves fill the gap in new mexico and in turn, had been filled to the brim themselves.

did we want to move to new mexico? no, not at all. but did new mexico need us? yes.

this shift of thinking has honestly changed my life and i have needed this reminder myself as i have been challenged this summer in ways i wasn’t expecting or prepared for. and most definitely in ways that do not seem to have direct blessing on me. i have had to think to myself, “who could this struggle be a blessing for? how am i growing now in ways that could help me in the future? who could need me here?”

i think about that conversation often and how if i just change my perspective, i can shift my attitude. more of Him, less of me. more of opening my eyes and heart to how He is trying to bring me happiness through different ways than that one “perfect” tunnel vision in my head.

in so many cases, how He is trying to bring me to others. after all, it’s not all about me.


listened to Francesca Battistelli’s Holy Spirit while writing. lyric gem: let us become more aware of Your presence.

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the fri-yay ten

August 12, 2016

hi hi!

so i am starting a little series for le blog. it’s called the fri-yay ten. i will just share a hodgepodge of my fav ten things or questions i have for you from the week. okay? okay.

1 | i started work this week at Anthropologie!

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset

i worked at the one in albuquerque when we lived there and i genuinely missed it. i had been working at Old Navy this summer but Anthropologie just hired for the fall and I was one of the lucky chosen to work at the Fresno location! yes, it’s just a retail position but for me, it’s so much more! i feel alive at Anthro and they value so many parts of me that i don’t share with other jobs i have had. i would love to work for URBN (the company that owns BHLDN, Terrain, Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters) one day so i am grateful for this little stepping stone! 🙂

2 | i am obsessed with this Conor kid‘s music. his covers are changing my work life. i have contributed to so many of the views on this video. and this one. okay I’m done. (not at all)

3 | my fav shoes, these neutral birkenstocks, are not reeeallly work appropriate. i realized while getting dressed for work that i got rid of most of my shoes when i left STL. do you all have any simple, flat sandal suggestions? i want nude/chestnut. something like this. advise me in the comments if you pleaaaaase.

4 | i want one of these boards SO DARN BAD. but they’re rather expensive. maybe i’ll gift myself one when i finally move out? or make one? like how epic is this. AND HOW CUTE IS THIS.

5 | my new thing is marble. i just love it and want more of it. i want this for my laptop that i saw on Anna’s laptop from In Honor of Design. next paycheck, where are youuuuuuu…

6 | i need glasses. has anyone done the Warby Parker home try-on or have favs for WP? or another glasses company? the last pair i have is this icy gray pair from ’07.

7| i just realized ’07 was nine years ago……….

8 | i got paints for myself because literally yolo. i am not a pro but i would love to one day create desktop backgrounds for you all! like little cacti or a fun quote?! so i am practicing.

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9 |  i have watched this commercial every time i feel like quitting since i found it. it’s amazing for motivation. hard work makes the dream work. then i watched this one and got emotional. still sippin’ on that olympics kool aid.

10 | my mom found this workout tank in light gray for me on the sale rack at Target since i am m.e.l.t.i.n.g. in this cali heat. i have not taken it off since she gave it to me. i sized up one size to medium and it’s PERFECTLY LOOSE. like length, color, material, EVERYTHING. and so cheap. you can’t order them online (not okay) so hurryyyyy over to a store. it’s right on target. (GET IT?!?!)

have a wonderful weekend! i have no plans per usual so i will be creating loads of content for you all and applying to jobs. #swag

p.s. i have a good post coming monday. get pumped.

listened to this while writing.

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the magnificent seven

August 10, 2016

please tell me you caught my women’s gymnastics reference. i am s w i m m i n g in olympics kool aid.

okay back to business. earlier this summer, i was talking to my friend sarah about my blog and within minutes, she goes “oh, and can you do a post on planners? i want the best one and i know you’re into that kind of stuff.”

cue hand out diva emoji.

i spend hours searching for that little book i will carry around for the next 12-18 months. i read reviews. i zoom in on the font. i think about photogenic-ness. i wonder if i should support a small business or cave to a mass producer. i wait, poised above the first crisp page with my heart thudding. i act like an all-around crazy person. but this is real, this is me. i LOVE paper goods. and planners take the gold.

so today i am doling out the results of eight years of planner research. oh, and these are not in order of my favorite to least favorite. enjoy!

THE DAY DESIGNER: the Flagship Edition is an over planner’s dream. funny story about the Day Designer: i ordered it and then threw it away a week later. reason? there isn’t a weekly page view. i am a super visual person and i like to see my whole week laid out in front of me. this planner is designed for those who want to break down their days by the hour, have a month visual and make the most of their time. i would recommend this for those with schedules that differ week-to-week, day-to-day or students who want to plan out every hour of the day to stay sane otherwise you’ll be writing the same 9-5 block on every day! i had the same school/work/study rhythm every week so it just didn’t make sense for me. there’s also daily quotes, a top three to do list and the quality is worth the higher price point. 98% sure that cover is bullet proof.

THE SIMPLIFIED PLANNER*: same as above, the daily edition is all about the day-to-day planner people. i have almost purchased this one about 4827 times but my planner technicallyyyyy goes until december and i am trying to be more conscious of what i need vs. want. so the pineapples have to wait. i love that she also has weekly editions as well. naturally i have almost bought this one too. #allthewhite for ania. emily ley started from humble beginnings AND wrote a book – oh and she’s a mom of three. gosh, i love a good mompreneur. and some patterns are on sale now which never happens!

THE HAPPY BALANCE PLANNER: this is like the two above with a little more wiggle room. it is another daily view planner but also has space for weekly and monthly goals which i am a HUGE fan of. also there’s just more blank space which the doodler in me appreciates. there’s also a nice chunk of lines for a daily to do list so you can kiss those sticky notes good-bye. i’d say this is for the gal who wants to plan her days but also wants space for weekly and monthly goals.

RIFLE PAPER CO: to preface this, i am mad for rifle paper co. some people have their favorite sports teams or starbucks drink – i have my favorite paper goods company. to each their own. i love rifle paper co’s planners because they have a classic size (which my sister had and easily fit into a purse/tote), a large size and hardcover agendas that make my book nerd soul sing. they have monthly and weekly views and they win gold with the best cover designs. one thing: my sister had the classic size and it is not quiiiiiite as sturdy as others we’ve purchased. if you’re post grad and need something to have on your desk and throw in your tote, perfect. if you want to shove this work of art to the bottom of your north face backpack, maybe not so much.

KATE SPADE: these planners are very comparable to the rifle paper co’s and the rest of this list as they have weekly/monthly views. i would say they have the same sturdiness as the rifle paper planners but their illustrations are a bit more chic and polished. i really, really love this one. good quality, great layout.

BAND.DO: i have this planner in large right now and i love it. i like having a weekly lay out, the spiral/cover have held up really well and the size is great. the blocks of space for everyday are spacious enough that i can write lots in one day, even having space for a to do list. #priorities these planners have illustrations that are funky fresh so i am a little turned off by the neon colors currently, but they are really great quality, let me tell ya!

LILLY PULITZER: i had this planner in size medium/large for all of high school and it. was. everything. the honest reason that i don’t have it now is that i don’t vibe with lilly’s prints anymore. i love them on anyone else but i can’t do it anymore. i know, i know – this is all very tragic. anyways, they hold up GREAT and the jumbo is really just a dream – it’s huge and spacious and the weekly views have room for everything you want to jot down! they are fun, flirty and perfect for a planner newbie. 😉

PAPER SOURCE: they have more subtle designs for weekly layout planners! i love the more minimalist look of this one and this one. they are sturdy, at a good price point and don’t have many bells or whistles which is sometimes refreshing!

planners might seem trivial or materialistic but i think a good one can completely change the game. make it fun! i go through at the beginning of the year and write out all my friends’ birthdays with a reminder two weeks ahead so i can send them snail mail on time. i track mother nature on the monthly view which is ENORMOUSLY helpful. (“oh, wait i’m probably about to get my…oh dang it, i have no reason to be inhaling this XXXL froyo right now.”) i write down things just to cross them off.

it’s on my bucket list to design a planner one day. but until then, have fun shopping!

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